Tribit Lauches XFree Color Bluetooth Headphones
The Lightest Full Metallic Housing Magnetic Bluetooth Headphones in the Market, with 8mm SoundStage Driver,10 HOURS Battery Life.
2017-10-20 Tribit


Audio Brand Tribit Executes on Highly Awaited Product Launch


   A new product launch from an audio underdog is turning heads and raising ears. The Tribit XFree Color bluetooth headphones are constructed with extremely lightweight aircraft aluminum housing, and an impressive 8mm dynamic speaker (2mm bigger than traditional in-ear headphones). They're the perfect companion for Apple’s new iPhone line and point to a bright future in regards to portable bluetooth audio. IPX5 water proofing, supported by its Nano coating, protects them from sweat, rain and other water hazards. With magnetic buds that click together (convenient for extended use), users can also wear their headphones like a stylish neck band.


   Several features of the XFree headphones make them stand out above competing models. Highlights of this unique product are:


     Full Metallic Housing Body with a light 14g weight.

     8mm SoundStage Driver (2mm bigger than traditional in-ear headphones) delivers true-to life audio with rich bass, tight mids, and crystal clear highs

     Noise Cancelling Microphone

     Magnetic Connection: has magnets that clip it securely around your neck while you’re not using the headphones.

     A full charge that takes 1.5 hours lets your beats go on and on for a whopping 10 HOURS playtime, 1.5x faster than traditional Bluetooth earbuds/headphones.