CNET's Choice---Best Headphones for 2018
2018-07-19 Tribit

Tribit XFree Tune was listed in the 61st place by CNET as Best Products of 2018 for its comfortable and impressive sounding and inexpensive price.The price is $49.99 online.


Build & Design

Tribit XFree Tune is comprised of pretty solid material, especially for only costing $50. It’s got the type of durability that feels like you could drop it off a few stories from a building and it’ll be ready to go, regardless. The headband has just the right amount of plush to give you a nice and comfy fit.



There are buttons built on to the ear cups. The power button, which also acts as pause and play button, is positioned towards the front of the ear cup and the volume controls are positioned towards the back. The volume up button also acts as the skip forward control once you press and hold the volume up button. The volume down button does the same for navigating backwards in your playlist.



Overall, Tribit XFree Tune delivers pretty clean sound – especially considering it is only $50. The lows are nice and punchy which makes this headphone a good option for bass heads. The mids are lively and full with a good amount of detail. The highs also perform quite well without becoming too bright.


Battery life

Tribit XFree Tune comes with a 420mAh Li-Ion battery giving you 24-hours of playback. That’s a lot compared to some other headsets that may only offer 6-15 hours of playback. Here’s the thing about 24-hour battery life, trying to get to the limit can be difficult. Hey, that’s the beauty of having a battery life that can last this long. You get an entire day or accumulated days of playback and won’t have to charge it until the juice is gone.


Overall Performance

Tribit XFree Tune is sturdy and built to last. The sound is pretty clean, it connects quite easily, and doesn’t lag.