CNET's Choice---Best Bluetooth Speaker for 2018
2018-07-19 Tribit

Tribit is pleased to announce that its Tribit XSound Go was ranked the 5th place among CNET Top 15 Best Bluetooth Speakers for 2018.

Tribit XSound Go is a portable yet powerful Bluetooth speaker that distinguishes itself in a crowded field of generic mini Bluetooth speakers with well-balanced sound, attractive design and competitive price. This product was selected as Top 15 Bluetooth Speaker together with competing products from the three leading brands such as BOSE, JBL and UE. “The Tribit XSound Go is a budget-priced Bluetooth speaker that sounds good for its size and price. It's attractively designed and is waterproof. For an inexpensive Bluetooth speaker, the Tribit XSound Go is hard to beat,” remarked by CNET.

Tribit XSound Go is completely waterproof (up to the IPX7 standard) and equipped with a lanyard that allows you to hang the speaker on the shower head, on the branches or on any item with a hook. It has an auxiliary input and a built-in microphone for making hands-free calls.


Battery life is yet another area where the XSound Go stands out. While most speakers of its size are only capable of blasting away for around 10 hours at best, it seems as though most of the weight here is in the battery. The power bank is already well above what most flagship smartphones ship with and that delivers a claimed 24-hours of sound. Under testing, at a room-filling level, we actually managed to squeeze slightly more than that out of it but 23 or 24-hours seems to be completely accurate under ordinary circumstances. That would undoubtedly change depending on the distance from speaker to the source, volume, range of audio being played, and more. However, it’s hard to imagine that most parties or gatherings would outlast this Bluetooth speaker. Meanwhile, it only takes around 3 hours to charge. That’s far faster than many competing speakers.

Tribit XSound Go is also recommended as the best budget Bluetooth speaker by the Wirecutter website.