By January 6, 2019
| Verified Purchase
Good sound and easy to connect. Somewhat larger and heavier than I thought, so not as portable to just throw into a shoulder bag as I thought. Still a very nice product based upon how you want to use it. I think there is a smaller one also available.
By January 25, 2019
| Verified Purchase
you get what you pay for. but good uality
By February 5, 2019
| Verified Purchase
I'm picky when it comes to sound. I've listened to many and this one makes me happy. Brought it on for a long trip and it made the events fun. That being said, the battery never lasted anywhere near the 20 hours as claimed. More like 4-5 hours, which is very disappointing as it takes forever to charge it up again. Making the matter worse is this speaker doesn't show battery level in the phone (most other blue-tooth speakers do). Maybe I have a faulty product but it's over 30 days so can't replace to find out.
By February 13, 2019
| Verified Purchase
Sounds to low, battery it’s too good
By February 28, 2019
| Verified Purchase
This speaker was a gift so I cant tell you how well it performs but before I gave it to the recipient I opened the box to verify its contents and everything was included, but I can tell you that it is a beautiful speaker, very well made, so the recipient responded back to me that the speaker sounded excellent! just amazing! but the only problem was it failed to charge after only a couple of months of use, it was given to the recipient in latter part of Dec 2018,
By March 14, 2019
| Verified Purchase
Good quality but it cost too much
By March 19, 2019
| Verified Purchase
Speaker was ok. Did not have the bass boom i wanted.
By April 12, 2019
| Verified Purchase
I'll start by saying I do really love the sound quality of this speaker. What you get sound-wise for what you pay is excellent. Highs and clarity suffer slightly but sound better than some speakers I've used at up to double the price. Mid and low range are excellent - you won't be wanting for bass response on this speaker. The extended bass mode is actually really good - usually these modes are gross and over-inflated, but it does a great job of giving you flexibility between genres.

The battery life: I don't think I've ever gotten anywhere near the 20hr mark. 5-7 hours is usually what I see. This is with proper battery cycling (not charging until it's completely drained). I can get that volume and if you're using x-bass would be factors, but again, have never gotten close to the advertised battery time. Have also had the speaker power off under higher volume loads at times with x-bass on, even with ample battery life left.

Bluetooth range is excellent, I rarely am out of eyeshot of it with my devices but even when I walk out of a room and forget that my phone is in my pocket, I can still hear it going.

Pure sound quality, I don't think you can do better for the price. Just depends if you can deal with some concessions in other areas.
By April 15, 2019
| Verified Purchase
Bought the Tribit Maxboom over the JBL flip 4 but seems quality control is an issue with Tribit. Either I got a bad unit or the glowing reviews are wrong!

The soundstage is overall poor, and the over bassy unit ruins low volume listening. Vocals sound good however.

My Aux input seems to be defective (tried multiple sources and multiple cables to ensure I wasn't using a bad cable or source) and performs at 30% of the bluetooth output, with noticeable hiss. Definitely an untested unit or poor quality assurance.

Even without XBass, there seems to be way too much bass in my unit. So much so that even at 5% volume there is no music clarity but enough bass to disturb people in the room.

FYI I own a variety of speakers including Dali, AudioEngine A5+, Yamaha and Sennheiser HD600 and PXC 550 headphones that I use regularly.

Tested this unit from full charge to depletion, thrice, playing a variety of music:
1. Western Classical - poor in reproducing piano and soundstage (2 out of 10)
2. Rock (60's) - again, too much bass and bad soundstage
3. Hip-hop - pretty ok
4. Soul and blues - vocals sound good, soundstage is poor
5. Heavy Metal - horrible
6. Netflix movies from phone - pretty good!

Overall, rather poor performance since loudness is not a criteria for people who want to listen to good music relaxing in the park or beach or hotel room. I will be returning this unit and try a replacement to give them another chance to test it again.
By August 23, 2018
| Verified Purchase
I purchased this speaker after watching Clavinejunkie's review and receiving a 40% off intro offer. I must admit that I have more than 10 different bluetooth speakers including speakers such as Bose Soundlink and Mini 2, JBL Xtreme, Charge 2 and 3, JBL Flip 4, Sony SRSX55, SRS XB 20's and 30's, Harmon Kardon G0 + Play, and several others. I purchased this speaker mainly to see if it could live up to the high praise from Oluv. Here are my thoughts...

At first I was very happy and really wanted it to be something special. After a couple of months of use, the sound is just not right. I just picked up a black Friday deal on a UE Megaboom. When comparing these two speakers, there is simply no comparison. The X Boom has a strange overall sound where the Megaboom is very clean and clear. The X Boom somewhat compares to the JBL Flip 4, but not to the Megaboom. It looks nice and seems to be well made, but the sound is sort of distorted and just is not clear.

If you and pick up a MegaBoom for $99 like I did, definitely buy it over this speaker. I paid like $40 for the Mega Boom which is about right. I would not buy it again. I will never use it except where it may be abused due to conditions. Buy a better speaker.
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