By October 6, 2018
| Verified Purchase
It is good lokink its heavy materials feel good .but it lacks sound .they completely mis the point .poweeeeerrrr. Year old xb20 kills it.true true.
By October 10, 2018
| Verified Purchase
Happy to have received the product but was quickly disappointed when I pair it with my Note 8. Below 70% volume the audio quality is good. Above that and the unit is unable to drive the bass and mids. In fact, they are lower and the highs are amplified. This makes for a very awful sounding speaker.

I will be returning mine.
By October 28, 2018
| Verified Purchase
Well, let start off by saying that there's really no boom in the x-boom speaker. Bass is sidley non existent.
By November 17, 2018
| Verified Purchase
I found the sound harsh at mid-to-high volume, and the bass drops out up at that level. It’s OK sound for the money, but can’t really compete with higher-quality competition.
By January 18, 2019
| Verified Purchase
went through 2 of these both had different set of issues should have bought jbl. Piece of advice when companies come to try and get in the market yeah they might look flashy or have a great price but there's a reason the big names have been doing it so long your not just paying for a name stick with jbl. I wanted to love this so bad :( Customer service can be as nice as they want but with a terrible functioning item it doesn't help much focus more on product development not the customers until you get it right!
By February 18, 2019
| Verified Purchase
Such a shame because this is quite a nice speaker and would normally rate a solid 5 stars. It sounds great, built well, looks good and is priced exceptionally. However both my units have this annoying vibration inside the bottom radiator that I just cannot accept. My first unit I was listening to Dua Lipa and noticed the vibration and assumed it was defective so I asked for a replacement. The replacement arrived today and the exact same issue. During the beginning of Charlie Puth's How Long and with the speaker standing upright you will hear the vibration without putting your ear close. It's not good. The same thing with Fifth Harmony's Work From Home except this song creates a more sustained vibration throughout the entire song. Dua Lipa's Last Dance literally vibrates the entire bottom radiator for the first 40 seconds of the song and sounds horrible. The vibration is worse and more consistent when you hold the speaker close to your ear but I realize this isn't a practical way to listen to this speaker however it just confirms the issue is legitimately present. AND, most importantly the top radiator has zero vibration with any song, so in my opinion this makes me feel with 100% certainty this speaker has a bottom radiator problem. I have the XSound Go and it also has the annoying vibration LOL but is a completely different speaker. Lastly I own the Maxsound Plus too and thankfully this speaker is vibration free and sounds incredible. So the only Tribit speaker I can recommend is the Maxsound Plus.
By February 24, 2019
| Verified Purchase
Other than the bizarre clicking sound it makes every random number of seconds, all is great. Stinks that I bought two for stereo.

I will be returning them.
By March 14, 2019
| Verified Purchase
Everything about this speaker is great, except for the range. They claim 66ft. I've had the audio break up from 7ft away. When that happened, the only things between the speaker and my phone were my body and a loaf of bread. If the phone is on the other side of a wall, forget it.
Pairing, controls, and audio quality are great. I wish that the volume controls weren't as big of a jump. One button press on the speaker is about the equivalent of 3-4 volume button presses on my phone.
Based on the range I'm seeing, I wonder if I don't have a defective device.
By April 12, 2019
| Verified Purchase
Speaker worked fine for short time, then started having issues with Bluetooth connectivity - especially when I'm pairing it to my laptop. The connection is there, but the sound itself is breaking. Contacted tribit customer support, the 1st solution was to reset the speaker - helped for one week. 2nd solution was to upgrade the firmware - the same, worked for some time only.
My first impression was great and I still think that this little guy has a great sound and build quality for this price point.
Battery life not even close to what they claimed, BT with my laptop is impossible.
By May 24, 2019
| Verified Purchase
Disappointed with sound. Distorted when volume is turned up and the speaker is not very loud.
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