By March 21, 2019
| Verified Purchase
Tribit's entry into the true wireless earbud market is no slouch.

Build Quality - Out of the box, the Tribit X1 feel sturdy and light. Everything here is made out of plastic, but for the price, there are no complaints. The only minor annoyance is the closing lid. While in my pocket the cap slightly swiveled side to side while making a slight noise. This gives the earbud casing a cheaper feel, but I feel that for most people this won't hinder durability.

Comfort - As stated before, the Tribit X1 is a tiny and light set of earbuds. They come with double flanged ear tips that do an excellent job of keeping the earbuds in place even when exercising. They are so light in fact that I have found myself forgetting I have them on a couple of times, Tribit has done an outstanding job here.

Accessories - The accessories included are a micro USB charging cable and three different sized double-flanged ear tips. Other booklets and manuals are also included. Nothing extra but considering the price of these earbuds this is ok.

Sound Quality and Noise Cancelling - The Tribit X1 sound great for earbuds in this price range. They have a balanced sound signature with a very slight bass boost and receded highs. These are not the earbuds for bassheads; however, I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of bass response and good clear mids. I personally prefer the highs to be a little more forward than they are on here but others may find this ok as music at high volumes does not sound harsh. I would say these have excellent sound quality expect, overall they need to be a little more clear. Everything from instrumentals, to voices, and especially the highs sound like they are placed under a thin veil. Considering the price once again these do sound very good. As for noise canceling, they do not offer active noise canceling, but it is not needed here. The passive noise canceling provided by the double-flanged ear tips manage to drown out everything around you even at low volumes.

Battery and Features - The Tribit X1 offer a three-hour long battery life in one charge and up to eighteen hours with the charging case. They automatically connect to any device that has previously been paired when taken out of their case and shut off automatically when put in their case. Each earbud has a single multifunction button to pause, play, and skip forward tracks and have a microphone for calls. Calls are loud and clear, and there is zero latency when consuming media from any device. The charging case itself offers a magnetic design to keep and charge the earbuds and also uses magnets to open and close the cap. They are also sweat resistant and are not afraid to get rained on. Although they offer Bluetooth 5.0 range is subpar, and I find that music does cut-out when my phone is under something. Once Tribit fixes this issue I have no doubt these earbuds will fly off the shelves.

Overall the Tribit X1 is a fantastic pair of earbuds that offer high quality for the price. You'd be hard pressed to find other earbuds that can accomplish what these are capable of.
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