By February 2, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
The Tribit X1 true Wireless earbuds are excellent. The sound quality is excellent.
By February 5, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
These wireless headphones are great. It's nice not to have wires hanging. The sound quality is really nice too! Would recommend these headphones to others.
By February 7, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Got these for my daughter for Christmas. She loves them. Now my son wants a pair so will be ordering another pair.
By February 15, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
This is hands down the absolute best headphones I have bought. I have recommended them to my co-workers and will continue to.
By November 28, 2018
| Verified Purchase
these fit my ears really well and are good for all sorts of activities. the charging case is very compact and convenient to carry and i love the design. however it's not noise canceling, and the in-ear part makes my ears itch and slightly uncomfortable after extended use. the bluetooth will cut and buzz if i put my phone in my pocket but it's not too big of a problem. i like these overall.
By December 23, 2018
| Verified Purchase
Small rechargeable case
Good sound quality
Light bass and volume

Very good value for$40. Sound is good. You may have to change your eq settings to enhance the bass. These aren't beats by dre but they provide an adequate sound. As far as noise cancellation i could not tell. My wife sitting across from me could not hear the song i was playing. Clear sound on calls. No drop off issues . I keep my phone close so have not tested the 33 ft range . Battery life is 2.5 to 3 hours which is common even in the higher end wireless earbuds.
Aesthetically they look better then apple pods that look like cigarettes. A quarter of the cost too.
Paired right away with my samsung s8
By December 27, 2018
| Verified Purchase
It's been a little over a week and so far I must say I am impressed.

I wanted a pair of Bluetooth earphones that were moisture proof for my workouts. Plus, I wanted it to be black, and not conspicuous white like Apple's in-ear. I had recently purchased the Tribit XFree Tune over-the-head Bluetooth headphones and was very satisfied with that. So I decided to try out the Tribit X1 True earbuds. At about $45, I was not looking for a super-high, audiophile quality sound system in my ears.

This Tribit X1 pleasantly surprised me in some unexpected ways.
One, the battery life was awesome. I went out on a 3.5-hour hike/walk two days after I received it, and the fully charged headphones held on until I came back. While on the walk, I received a phone call and switching between the two was pretty seamless as one would expect. The party on the other side heard me loud and clear
Two, the fit was surprisingly comfortable for my ears. I simply used the default earpiece it came with, and have not tried out the others.
Three, I like the auto-on auto-off on taking the headphones out of the case. Nice touch when starting a run - just take them out of the case and pop them on.
Four, while I have not dunked them in water to check out the water-resistant quality, the earphones do not seem too bothered by workout sweat.

The bass sound is not great. I had to play with the iPhone music equalizer settings to get some decent bass. Like the Tribit XFree Tune over-the-head much better in that regard.

All said, so far so good. Meets my expectations, works well in my gym. Phone calls with reasonably good audio, and good battery life. Sound quality weak on the bass, but works well for podcasts etc.
By December 29, 2018
| Verified Purchase
I got referred to these earbuds through the youtuber clavinetjunkie's recommendation and bought it from Amazon. This earbuds have a very good and neutrally tuned sound. Here are what my impressions after a few days.


- Good sounding and naturally tuned earbuds with one caveat (see below)

- Excellent bluetooth range. At least 30 ft with my oneplus 6T.

- Good pairing setup. Unlike some other wireless earbuds that show two bluetooth entries on your phone, this set only pair through left one and then the right on just sync with the left one. This is much easier to pair IMO.

- Auto BT sync and shut off. The earbuds auto sync when taking out of the case ad auto shuts off BT connection when putting those into the case.

- Good charging indicators both on the case and the earbuds. You can easily tell that the case is charging from the case LED and earbud charging from the earbud lights when placed in the case.

- Pretty comfortable. They are pretty small and can be in your ears for a hour or two with no problem. I wouldn't wear them longer than that since they are still feel like something is in your ear.


- Bundled ear tips are too small to give good fit and sound. This is due to the small size of the ear tip holes in the case. They are quite small thus limiting the size of the ear tips and makes fitting harder for people who need larger tips. That probably accounts for some of the bad reviews on the sound, i.e. lacking bass or sound like kitchen radio. Based on youtuber clavinetjunkie's recommendation, I switched to some of my spare ear tips that are larger with larger opening. That fit much better and opening up the sound quite nicely. That also gives much better noise cancellation. However, larger ear tips will catch the smaller holes in the case much more easily when taking them out of the case.

- One ear listening can only be done on the left ear if you want to store the other ear in the case. Since the left ear has the primary BT connection, to listen with only the right one, you cannot put the left one in the case. Just be aware this limitation.


Overall I highly recommend this set of low cost wireless earbuds as long as you can live the caveats above. Make sure you fit a better set of ear tips on them and you'll all set.
By December 29, 2018
| Verified Purchase
Just got these for Xmas wanted to go wireless, trust me you want be disappointed my only complaint is battery life but sound and fit is perfect .
By January 13, 2019
| Verified Purchase
These headphones are GREAT for the price! The battery life is incredible. I have had them for about a week and half, and only had to charge them three times. Set up with my phones was super easy, and I love the fact that they connect to my phone as soon as they are pulled out of the charging case. They also turn off as soon as you put them in. The directions are super clear and easy to follow. The only downside is that the noise canceling is almost nonexistent. I do not mind this though because no "buds" are truly noise canceling, because of the nature of their design.
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