By December 13, 2018
| Verified Purchase
Battery life is not great! Sound quality is okay.
By December 26, 2018
| Verified Purchase
We'll see.... After trying out all the earpiece's I wasn't pleased with the sound and had planned to return. On a whim I tried the earpiece from an old different brand pair of wired headphones and.. it worked. The sound improved noticeably. So that's solved but the Bluetooth is dropping sporadically. If that continues they're going back.
By January 21, 2019
| Verified Purchase
I'm no audiophile, but the sound quality seems fine to me - when it works properly.

The batteries are mediocre. They often die before I finish a plane or train trip of middling length. That said, the highly portable case/charger is pretty nice, convenient, and portable. It'll be a must-have for any TWS earbuds I buy in the future.

Noise cancellation's not bad. So far, these are the only earbuds I've been able to use on a plane without the assistance of a (turned-off) over-the-ear headset.

But the right ear is unreliable and frequently cuts out in a "noisy" Bluetooth environment, such as a train (you know, the kind of place where you most want to use earbuds). If you're going to use them like that, better turn on mono sound on your phone, and maybe take out the right bud for good measure.
By February 20, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Ultimately I had to return this due to random sound cutting in and out(not frequent but noticeable enough). It gets worse if worn outside on a run. I'm not sure if i got a defected one or not since I didn't bother to replace. I've used this for a few weeks before returning. I wanted to test out the quality, battery and other aspects of this wireless ear bud.

Comes in a box with all your essentials: charging cables, carrying/charging case, earbuds, tips, manual.
Battery life on a full charge is about 2 hours and 15 mins. Charge time on a dead battery is about 50 mins. Carrying case provides at least 5 full charges. Memory is muddled but i believe you need the left to pair with phone for right to get any sound. You have roughly 3 mins left when the ear buds warn you of low battery.

The sound quality was a surprise to me. I actually thought it was good. It does lack a bit of bass but overall good. The ear buds were uncomfortable using the stock tips. It hurt my ears actually and did not provide a good seal. Replacing them with other generic tips actually makes a world of difference.

Sound is actually decent here
Portable and quick charging time (same with most true wireless)
decent battery life to get my through a work out session

Volumn. sounds decent but if u want to turn it can't really.
hurts my ears with stock tips. Use anything but stock tips.
signal interruption causing stutter. increases with movement
By January 4, 2019
| Verified Purchase
The package arrived in an attractive box with easy to understand directions. Easy pair to my S8 phone and rich sound (especially for the price) out of the box. The trouble started with the rt earbud losing connection to the music source. I had the phone in my hand so it was not due to distance from the phone. I fully charged the buds and tried again, no success. The sound was good for a couple minutes and then started popping in and out again. I tried with my computer with the same result.
I really like the product but may have gotten a defective pair. I will be sending back to Amazon and may try another set. In addition the rt earbud Tribit symbol on the outside was upside down when worn in the ear (I am a little OCD about things like that). If I get another pair I will update if needed.
By January 8, 2019
| Verified Purchase
Bought these, was very excited after trying them out at home, but after one walk from the parking lot, a quarter-mile to my office, and it's an immediate return for me.

If I'm holding my phone directly out in front of me, the connection is great, sound is perfect. If the phone is in my pocket, even my breast pocket of my coat, the sound cuts out intermittently. Doesn't happen with any of my other Bluetooth devices, but it makes them basically useless for anything other than listening at my desk, for which there are much more appropriate solutions.

Bummer, because I like the other pieces of the equation.
By January 11, 2019
| Verified Purchase
Battery life is about 60-90min tops
By January 25, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Battery may last 2 hours at the most. Good bass ONLY if you keep pressure on each headphone. Who's going to constantly push on both ears. Does not extend beyond 10 feet. Disappointed.
By December 5, 2018
| Verified Purchase
Although the earbuds works fine for listening to music but when I was trying to talk with someone else through the phone, they couldn't hear my voice clearly.
By December 9, 2018
| Verified Purchase
Lousy sound. The sound in right earbud kept cutting in and out making it impossible to use. I’m hoping this was just a defective set and am returning for a replacement. I will update this review after I test the replacement.
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