By David94517 July 6, 2019
| Verified Purchase
The manual that came with the speaker is worthless as far as connecting the device is concerned. I managed to figure it out after a little while and am happy with the speaker.
By Squelch July 10, 2019
| Verified Purchase
I primarily use this speaker in the shower to listen to podcasts, and it's great. It's loud, it sounds great, and the battery life is excellent. My only complaint has to do with the buttons. They are not easy to read and the button sequence is just not very practical, in my opinion. Other than that, I think the device is amazing.
By zOnk.oNe July 12, 2019
| Verified Purchase
The headline sums it up. The Tribit is a sweet, small, nice sounding bluetooth speaker, but DO NOT believe the hype about it being as loud/louder than the Charges. It absolutely is not. It's loud for it's size but the Charges are louder and have considerably more bass at full volume. I respect that European Youtube reviewer...but he got this one wrong.
Sweet device. Not as loud. Way less bass. Booyow!
*I listen to Reggae and Conscious Hip-Hop. Both are bass-centric.
By MMA July 13, 2019
| Verified Purchase
It’s barely a 4-star. Really, it’s just ... ok. Sounds isn’t great. Though bass is decent. Once it’s turned up louder is get slightly distorted to the point where I would probably never play at full blast. But hey. It’s under 60 bucks. If it lasts a year, I’ll be fine with it.
By jen July 14, 2019
| Verified Purchase
The buttons are hard to see in low lighting. The battery life is surprisingly short!
By PaddleFaster July 18, 2019
| Verified Purchase
I have to start off by saying I love both the smaller XSound unit and the slightly larger and more powerful, Maxsound Plus. The quality of the build. The quality and power of the sound for such small units are simply outstanding for the price point.

But in my opinion, a truly major option missing from the Tribit product line is a Micro SD slot that allows direct music play without using a second device hooked up via either 3.5mm cable or through Bluetooth.

When doing such things on the move outdoors, or exercise-based activities on such things as treadmills in the home, having to jockey back and forth between two devices can be a genuine inconvenience and at times, an outright annoyance. Jockeying through menus to get phones and portable mp3 players to link up via Bluetooth and then fumbling back and forth adjusting the volume controls or Bluetooth pairing options can at times be a little frustrating. Not to mention when the Bluetooth signal drops unexpectedly at times requiring the process to be started over again.

If I had one wish for "the" perfect Tribit product, it would be for an even more powerful 40W version of the Maxsound plus that has Micro SD support with a Shuffle Play option. To really put things on the cusp of perfection, throw in a basic small remote that allows control of turning the unit on and off. Play the next or previous soundtrack and volume adjustment control.

If Tribit ever did make such a unit and kept it along the price point of their other outstanding products, I would probably be buying them left an right. Mounted on the motorcycle... The garden tractor... The treadmill... One put in the woodshop. Another in the garage. Another kept in the truck at all times for use at the beach or attached to my surfski (kayak) when out for a few hour morning fitness paddle.

As it stands now, I have two XSound units and one Maxsound Plus unit that I use on almost a daily basis. But the hassle of having to always hook up to a secondary sound source is having me starting to be a little curious and look elsewhere for another option that has the integrated Micro SD support I have outlined for convenience purposes.

As stated, I love my Tribit products, use them just about every day and have recommended them to many people who have also purchased them here through Amazon. They are so close to being perfect for my needs... 4 stars close.

But that last star in my mind is an important one that can't be given until Micro SD and shuffle play support become part of the package on all of the Tribit models.

If and when that happens, Tribits will probably be multiplying around my home like "Tribbles" in the grain storage bins of the old Starship Enterprise.
By January 26, 2019
| Verified Purchase
Update ( speaker started making sound as if blown on songs with bass after only a couple weeks ) returning to amazon for exchange let’s see how second one goes

This is what the xboom should have been !! Thank you tribit I absolutely love this speaker . I feel comfortable saying it is the best speaker at this price . I’m really happy about this speaker and I own tons of Bluetooth speakers including diamondboxx and soundboks 2s .
By February 13, 2019
| Verified Purchase
The Bluetooth range is far better than other speakers I have had (my favorite feature!). Sound quality is good, but I can't say it blows comparable speakers out of the water. (Some audiophiles seem pretty impressed with it, so take my non-professional opinion with a grain of salt.) Loudness is ok for the size, just don't expect this to replace your living room stereo system.

My major gripe is the lag I noticed when watching videos. After resetting the speaker (hold both volume buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds) and restarting my tablet, the issue improved greatly (this was the only suggestion offered by tech support). But there still seems to be a very slight lag (when watching youtube videos, etc.).

Minor gripe - I count 6 beeps, when connecting the speaker, which really isn't needed. It would also be nice to have a replaceable battery (preferably an 18650)... but since this is an uncommon feature, I have not factored it into my rating.

Note: My review is based on the $55 price tag. In the interest of full disclosure, Amazon offered me a $3 gift certificate, in exchange for my doing this review.
By March 27, 2019
| Verified Purchase
The sound quality is great but I was disappointed in the battery life.
By March 29, 2019
| Verified Purchase
Es bueno el sonido pero me quedo con mi xboom 360 me lo ubiera quedado pero el bluetooth se desconecta aveces
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