By May 8, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Quality is really good, and earpads are extremely soft(when i was reading reviews about it i was most scared about earache situations(!)) .
Im using with ios and i never had issue, immediate connection.
Battery life more than okay for this price.
If you are music listener sound is clean and clear. If i match with another headsets what i had before and material about $200-$300 scala worth it.
By May 10, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
I had purchased few headphones already, and I tried to compare which one was better. This over ear headphone has nice sound, and long battery life. It really does work better than I've experienced in the past. When u wear it to list musics, it is really comfortable. If u don’t need it, u can fold it up, then put it into small pocket. I will recommend it.
By June 7, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Work great for long periods and Still feel good !!
By June 28, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Saw this reviewed on CNET and followed the link to Amazon. I have been using Audia Technica wired headphones, which sounded great, but having a cord stretched across the living room was annoying. These headphones paired up perfectly with an TaoTronics Bluetooth 4.1 Transmitter and Receiver, and the audio quality, especially the bass, is excellent. It eliminates most all outside noise except someone talking loudly next to you. While not super lightweight, they are confortable, and do not cause any issues listening for several hours at a time.
By June 29, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Great headphones for the price.
By July 8, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
I am really astonished at how great these are! First the build is really topnotch and appears very durable. And the sound! OMG! Really unbelievably rich with deep, deep base and crystal clear highs.And the controls are well-placed and very easy to find without fumbling. Another plus is that since they're "over the ear" and so well insulated no one else is bothered by the sound - no matter how earsplitting the volume. (Yes, I know that listening with a loud volume is dangerous.... ) Easy Bluetooth paring and recharging, too. A win-win. And Tribit didn't have to give me a freebie to get a good review! I bought these myself.
By July 8, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Prior to purchasing these headphones I did a TON of research and consulted with many audiophiles I personally know. I had the opportunity to use these today during my workout and these are my thoughts:

These headphones punch way above their weight class. WAY above. As soon as you unbox these headphones and hold them you know you have something that's high quality. The materials feel great and are extremely comfortable around the ears and over the head. The fit and finish is also top notch. I can't stress how impressed I am with the construction of this product. If I had paid $150 for these, I'd be extremely happy with how plush and study the headphones are.

More importantly, the sound quality is incredible. I seriously didn't expect this from a pair of $45 Bluetooth headphones! I had an audiophile friend check them out today and he stated that he's owned headphones 3-4 times as expensive that didn't feel/perform as well as these.

Lows - Ample amounts of bass. I listen to a lot of hip-hop and EDM, so I enjoy bass. It's not Beats amount of bass but I've never been a fan of excessive amounts of lows. If you want something that really thumps, these are probably not going to satisfy you. If you want something that's adequate for 90% of songs, I think you'll really enjoy what these have to offer.
Mids - This is where these headphones really shine. Very crisp and lively, with lots of detail.
Highs - Also very good. If you enjoy classical or songs with high pitches, these will surprise you.

They are very easy to use and connecting to your phone is probably the easiest thing you'll do all day. I don't have any information about battery life but full charge from the factory took me about two hours.

A couple of things I don't particularly like:
1. Not a fan of the button placement, but that's very minor.
2. If you sweat a lot at the gym the ear cushions WILL collect sweat. Wipe them down from time to time if you're buying them to use at the gym or look for another pair.

Sound - 8.5/10
Ease of Use - 10/10
Value - 10/10
Design - 9/10
Overall - 9.4/10
By July 9, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
This headphones deliver an incredible value for the money. I cannot believe still how good they are compared to similar product but much more expensive from big brands. I paid about 60 usd delivered all the way to New Zealand (got here in 4 days).
By July 15, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Paired easily, long battery life, good sound.
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