By April 13, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Had the headphones for a couple weeks now. Here are some thoughts on my experience with the product:

Main complaint: Beep indication for low battery. It starts to happen too early for a set of headphones with such a large battery life, and the beep happens too frequently (like every 10 seconds?). This is the only reason I took a star off. Of course this issue can be avoided by charging the headphones more often.

Sound quality: Very good for the price of <$50 I paid for it. Comparable to the sound quality of headphones more than twice its own price point.

Build quality: Very solid. The main frame is a nice matte plastic. There are no parts that seems particularly prone to damage but I will definitely update if something breaks.

Comfort: Very good. Comfortably sits around my ears, not pressing on it. Can definitely wear for several hours without discomfort but eventually starts hurting my scalp if worn for 5+ hours.
Note: not very comfortable to wear around the neck. The speakers do not swivel so it pushes under your jaw if you look down.

Battery life: amazing. I can pretty much go on one charge per week using it several hours a day. However the beep for "low battery" which happens at around 30% (not entirely sure because the phone's metric does not seem entirely accurate) happens too early, too often. I don't know if there is a way to turn this off, but this is the only reason I took a star off.
By April 15, 2019
Color: Red | Verified Purchase
et me first say that i'm no audiophile. Although i listen to a lot of different music and watch a lot of movies through my headphones. I never want to be confused with someone that claims to no all the technical in's and out's of fine audio. Just a regular guy that has an idea of what he likes and doesn't like.

The build quality of these headphones is good. There is a combination of metal and plastic that makes for a very comfortable wearing headphone. The ear cups are soft and large enough for my entire ear to fit in comfortably. I have had them over a week now and find them extremely easy to wear for long periods of time.

The sound is pleasant , but i must admit that i use my pc or cell phone to adjust the sound somewhat. The bass is strong but not overbearing and the highs and mid-range are good. Remember they are not $400.00 and i wouldn't expect them to match that sound quality. But for the money you spend on these you will not be disappointed i assure you. They more than match headphone s costing three times the price. I know i've owned some of them too. Never again!! Not worth the financial outlay But for us 9-5ers these will gt the job down, Rather you listen to jazz, rock, hip-hop, reggae or alternative i'm sure you wont be disappointed with the sound you get. I recently watch the Final Four basketball games on-line and they sounded "fantastic" you could hear every bounce of the ball, every sound of the sneakers screeching across the floor. The reverb of the ball hitting the rim, was almost like sitting court-side.

over_all these are a very good pair of wireless headphones for the insane price of less than $55.00 delivered.. Tri bit has definitely hit a home run with these...... I think i'm going to order the blue tooth speaker so i can listen too with my friends or in bathroom shower... Get you a pair..

additional info: Fits well over my glasses and baseball hats...
By April 19, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
I love them.
By April 23, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Mic won't work with Windows. Too bad. Nice pair of cheap wireless headphones though.
By April 24, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
These things are pretty awesome. They work flawlessly and it's awesome that you can use them by just plugging in a cable from the headphones to whatever 3.5mm device you want to hear sound from. However, for some odd reason, they decided to disable the microphone when tethered into a device with a cable?

It's such a weird thing that I never expected would be a "feature". I was disappointed because I was really hoping to use them to play XBox on but without the mic, what's the point. It does however work just fine via blue tooth so with your phone it's pretty awesome but unfortunately they just fell a little bit short for my intended purposes
By April 27, 2019
Color: Red | Verified Purchase
One of the slide ends broke and now it can't be replaced
By April 30, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
I really liked this product, especially because of the sound and build quality. The size is great and doesn't seem too plasticky, but on high volumes, the noise can get somewhat scratchy. On my small head, the headphones protrude out a little much, but I don't mind, as I never go outside with them on... Overall, a solid 4.5 stars.
By May 2, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Best headphones over the ear for the price
By May 10, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
perfect for my needs. NOTE that it clearly says not true noise cancel, good for calls though I do not use it for that. I use at work for conf and listening to Pandora/iHeart radio.
By May 13, 2019
| Verified Purchase
Super awesome headphones, loud and one of the best i have ever had.
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