By April 15, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
I saw many reviews saying good things about these, but I don't know if it is that mine came broken or what... But I'm not impressed one bit by the sound. Bass is pretty much non existant, ok mids and highs. Battery is pretty good so far and the range is ok as well, I haven't gone so far that it will start clipping.

Are they supposed to not have bass?
By April 18, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
i would not recommend
By April 27, 2019
Color: Red | Verified Purchase
quality not what I expected. Bass overtook treble. Volume control hard to use.
By April 28, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
The tribit headphone are nice headphone for the money. They not high quality headphone. They are not noise canceling headphones . But for $45.00 they are very good.
By May 1, 2019
Color: Red | Verified Purchase
I love the sound you get from these speakers but the usb charging port on the product became loose and then shifted and no longer worked. I've never seen that sort of thing with any other usb mirco port. It was a gift and while I probably should have tried the company for a free replacement, I didn't and just purchased another one. But if the same thing happens again, they and all of you will definitely hear about it.
By May 22, 2019
| Verified Purchase
After a few months, it turns on and off on it's own and the volume control doesn't work anymore. I only use it twice or once a week. It's always safe so I don't know how did it happen.
By January 25, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
My Daughter got these for me. The sound is not as good as my old ones. My biggest issue is they will not change the song that is playing. I am very disappointed in this product.Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear, Tribit XFree Tune HiFi Wireless Headphones with Rich Bass, 24 Hours Playtime, 2X40mm Drivers, Bluetooth 4.1 CSR Chips, 3.5mm Aux Support, Black
By April 10, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Did not like the sound the ear cps were not soft enough.
By September 14, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
The earphone quality is very clunky now it is $50 for these headphones and that I did take into consideration before writing this review.
The sound quality is what you would expect for $50 your phones. The tribit I was expecting a little bit more from you considering you're trying to rival competitors in your range. Thank you for allowing me to test them out but I'm looking for a little better quality which means I'm going to have to spend a lot more money thank you.
By October 3, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
I purchased these thinking they would be better than my earbuds at blocking outside noise, but they don't. They are fine otherwise.
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