By January 16, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Preface: Im one of the pickiest people I know when it comes to audio. I'm not a musician I'm just a picky listener. As far as I'm concerned if an artist includes a frequency on their record it should be audible. I'm the kind of person that will spend half an hour tuning the EQ in my car before bothering to listen to it. If the EQ I just tuned no longer matches with the music that continues to play it gets turned off.

About this product:
-Bluetooth flawlessly pairs to iPhone, LG smart TV, iPod touch etc
-Bluetooth does not pair to PS4. PS4 can find the headset no problem but when it asks to register the device it's considered incompatible.
-My ears can hear the difference between a Bluetooth connection and wired AUX connection with a direct comparison - These headphones are no different.
-Bass response is there and is aided with correct EQ tuning.
-There's a tad bit of distortion at the top of the 2k-5k frequency range which sounds like a teeny tiny click. With out the volume up its inaudible and most ears won't be able to detect it.
-Volume button on headset does not change iPhone volume through AUX connection, only Bluetooth.
-Bluetooth connection shows battery percentage on iPhone
-Build quality and comfort are exceptional
-Not noise canceling behind half volume - I can hear the heater duct in my living room rattling slightly through the headphones on any low volume with any media. In higher levels you can't even hear your own fingers click next to you head but I still wouldn't call that noise canceling.
-extremely limited in volume ability. Around 65% volume or higher on any device the headphone begin to pop and fizz much like the noise of AOL booting up on a phone line in y2k
-the storage case folds them down in a way that causes a dent in the bottom of the ear foam. This bothers me a lot even though it eventually comes out but not quick enough for me to not be bothered by it.
-the storage case has a net to hold accessories. Much like other nets in cases this one has an elastic retainer. The odd thing is they folded the net back on itself so the elastic band goes across the middle of the net and holds accessories about as well as I would imagine a loose piece of cellophane wrap would. Most elastic bands go to the end of the net and allow you to shove things in like a pocket. This particular one must function on hopes and dreams and I must not have any.
-comes with a full charge. I've used them on and off for a week and still haven't made a noticeable dent in the battery indicator

Overall review
Pretty good for the money. They hold up to basic listener needs. Decent quality. I'm a bit concerned about the long term given the glitches it had out of the box so we’ll see.

The sound is definitely clear and crisp. It didn't lack any frequencies. On lower volumes it lacks bass response but most everything does that nowadays.

I miss my earbuds from the late 90s. Sony made them and the shape of the bud was really odd but they had huge 16mm drivers and went down to 8ohm. They used to be $35. They were purely amazing. Then they started making cheaper ones at $20 and they only went down to 12ohm with 12mm drivers. The difference was there but sound was still decent. They don't make them anymore so I've been searching for a replacement since then. These will do! Closest thing I've found for twice the cost I used to spend for quality sound.
By January 16, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Very high quality look and feel to these. Comfortable, although after awhile they do make my head sore. They sound great. I would like a little more thump, but its still very good. If you are in a really loud place it can be hard to hear. They still provide good isolation from outside noise. If I put them on with no sound I can still hear and talk to people. The case is very nice and the zipper feels high quality. For the price these are an excellant buy. I deffinitly recommend these.

update: after owning for a week and half. these do hurt my head after wearing for a long period.
By January 16, 2019
Color: Red | Verified Purchase
nice for the price. very good sound
By January 17, 2019
Color: Red | Verified Purchase
I've had these for a few days, I use them all day and I still haven't had to recharge them. Wearing them hours at a time, I don't have any comfort issues at all. I bought these to replace a MUCH more expensive pair and the sound quality is almost as good - certainly worth the trade-off.

The locations of the buttons are the only real negatives, compared to my last pair - pushing them forward/backward, instead of towards my head, does cause some movement. Still, overall a great pair of headphones!
By January 17, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
I been looking for headphones for the gym and these work great. You just have to wipe off the sweat they get slipper on the head and ears. I have big ears by the way. Sounds great. I use the wire for my I pod you can do wireless, I tried and does last 40 hours. I would buy again can't say a lot of products are like that. I got them in November 2018 and been great for me
By January 18, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Overall the headphones provide good sound and comfortable over the ears. The quality is good too. However, it does not block the outside noise since it has no noise cancellation feature.
By January 22, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Better than expected tbh.
By January 22, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Surprisingly great product. Great sound, decent bass.
By January 22, 2019
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If your looking for wireless headphones with all the modern features (noise cancelling, volume, play/pause, skip forward and back) but dont want to pay $350+ then these headphones are perfect. Good product. Great value.
By January 23, 2019
Color: Red | Verified Purchase
I bought these headphones for use at work. My requirements were that these headphones would:
- Reduce the volume level I set my computer at in order to hear the music
- Drown out the voices of my co-workers
- Facilitate the ability to contrate on my work

Although the co-workers noise can still be heard, which is why it is noise reduction not noise remover, when the music is on I am able to focus just fine. I even noticed that instead of increasing the volume to drown out the noise around me, I actually had to decrease the volume because the music would be too loud. The volume level I would generally keep my computer at was 50 out of 100, now I'm at 4 or 2 out of 100. So I really feel that my requirements were met.

Here is my constructive criticism:
My likes:
- Includes hard case for the headphones.
- Great passive noise reduction
(Prefer passive over active, something about using audio waves to cancel audio waves out and the repercussions it could have on my ears or body does not give me the warm fuzzies).
- Good build quality.

(although most of these would probably cause a price increase if implemented):
- Shortcut buttons volume, skip track, and answer/hang up call, do not work unless the headphones are used through Bluetooth
(if battery dies and you have to use the wired connection there are no shortcut buttons).
- Only the left headphone has wired input port
(if using wired and the only output port is on the right side, the wire will come across your body, which could be a minor nuisance).
- Not USB-C
- Wire provided does not have a microphone
(since Microphone will not work without bluetooth being on)

Potential solution for 2 of the above dislikes would be to buy a wire that has shortcut buttons and a microphone, or for Tribit to include one.

Overall: This is a great value, there is some compromise but you get good noise reducing and great sound at a price others cannot match or won't match.

(FYI, I don't believe in giving 5 stars because there is always something that could have been done better, so I guess that means my 4 star is a 5 star  
(' ・ ﹏ ・`)??? )
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