By August 9, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Cons: The construction is mostly solid and seems very durable, but I have a serious issue with the location of the power button. It just always seems to bump into things. Today my headphones broke - power button took a light ding and I can not turn them on anymore. Was surprised to learn about the 18 month warranty service though! Will update to 5 stars all around upon receiving the replacement, and assuming it goes smoothly. No cons besides this.

I honestly love this product. Sounds quality is very good and balanced by my estimate (I’m not exactly an audiophile but I doubt any of them will be buying 40 dollar headphones anyway), and the battery lasts for DAYS. 18 mo warranty service is a huge boon.
By September 1, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
These are very nice sounding headphones, well worth the price, I just choose the nose 25 and will keep these in mind if I need a spare.
By September 5, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
I bought these and the Tribit XFree Color for my wife... These headphones are comfortable, seem like good quality, and sound okay. The trouble is I compared them to the xfree color and did not think the sound quality was better.. In fact I actually preferred the xfree color..
By September 20, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Ill make this as complete as I can, but these were primarily purchased as headphones for cutting out noise at work and for my commute.

Packaging: Headphones nicely packed inside their own semi rigid clamshell case. Case holds folded headphones and the associated cables. Has a netted area for cables, but it is nowhere near tight enough to hold them securely. Cables routinely fall out of the pouch.

Build quality: Like other reviewers, I agree these headphones definitely have a quality feel, the hinges feel solid for plastic, and the headband is nicely padded. Headband is "soft-touch" plastic. Ear cups are nicely padded and a good thickness. My one gripe about the build is that the mesh over the speakers in the earcup is thin and the absolute bare minimum thickness. You can clearly feel the speaker grille through it.

Comfort: This is very subjective, but I found the padding to be adequate. The ear cups are almost memory foam like and I had no sweating issues or anything of that sort. Padding for me was perfect for short, 30 minute listening sessions these are great. However, 45+ minutes and they get extremely uncomfortable and painful to my outer ear. (Presumably from the protruding grille inside the ear cup.) My wife has smaller ears, and she had no complaints after the same time period.

Sound isolation: I took these on vacation for the flight, and the ear cups do a wonderful job of sealing out external noise. Im usually near deaf for a few hours after a flight because of the ambient noise level and these easily cut around 10DB or more of the ambient making watching a movie effortless and more enjoyable at a lower volume.

Sound Quality: For how much praise these are receiving, I have to disagree with 5 star sound quality. When compared to my Grado SR80s and my Audio Technica ATH-M50s these are very bass heavy to the point of muddying out the highs. They arent BAD, but they arent exemplary, Id give them a solid 6-7 out of 10.

Bluetooth: Pairing was easy and painless, but I had multiple instances where someone else would pair to my headphones while I was listening. Not sure why theyre always in discovery mode but that was extremely annoying. Range seemed great but I didnt really test it. Headphone play/pause, volume, next song etc controls all seemed to work well.

Calling: Not tested.

Battery life: I listened for maybe 8 hours total this trip and I barely noticed a dent in the indicator.

These are sealed cans, no sound leaking like SR80s.

Summary: Good headphones for those with smaller ears or anyone who intends on listening for shorter sessions. Good sound, bass heavy, but beware of other people pairing to your headphones. Solid choice for $50.
By October 8, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
These headphones are great!... Until you try to use them while using a sounds editing software. They have a great battery life and great sound when connected to a laptop or phone running apps like YouTube and Spotify, but the second you try to use a heavy duty sound editing software the quality dips dramatically. It sounds like you're listening to audio through a tin can 10 feet away. I'm mostly satisfied with these headphones but I may find myself buying a new different pair to use at work since my career involves a lot of sound editing.
By November 27, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
I have been using the headphones for about 1 month now intermittently, as i find them VERY large and a bit heavier than the weight stated on the site. I guess not to expect much at this price point but most of my music sounds muffled almost like listening through a wool cap. All of the music at this point has been downloaded from Amazon Prime to be fair, I am not sure if that is the quality issue or the headphones. I will be keeping them but not to use regularly...not enough time to pack and return! I did listen to some of the lower end Bose and Sony's WH 700 a regular sale point they are 3-4 times the amount of money, but sound like it! Cyber Monday Sony's were $100 (should have jumped on that!)
By December 3, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
I like this headphone, but my ear pad is a little bit flat. This make my ear touch with inside of headphone. Not sure if only my headphone doing this.
By December 14, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
These headphones *would* be perfect, if not for the fact that as soon as the battery gets down to 30% they start playing an extremely annoying beeping sound every couple minutes, making them outright unusable until you charge them. I would understand if 30% was actually a short amount of time for them, but these can keep working fine for hours on 30% charge. Such an awful design flaw for otherwise perfect headphones.
By December 17, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
For context, here were my hopes for these headphones: decent sound quality (I didn't expect super audiophile quality), ability to use for PC gaming (Discord, teamspeak, at the same time as gaming), portability, and decent comfort and build quality.

Sound quality (4/5): For this price of headphones, I don't have complaints about the quality. I'd say they could probably almost go toe-to-toe with headphones that are twice their price. That said, if you're expecting "audiophile quality", just remember the price point of these headphones. Really good value for sound quality.

Comfort (3/5): The foam pads are nice and soft, but after a while (and it could just be my ear/head shape), I do feel some rubbing of the harder interior against the tip of my ear, and the foam up top on the band is thinner than the cup foam so it can get a bit uncomfortable. Clamping is not too bad, but I'd say I can wear these comfortably for an hour and after that it starts to get increasingly uncomfortable. If you're planning on short-term use, then these would be fine, but if you want to wear these for flights or longer use just know that they may be a bit uncomfortable depending on your ear/head shape.

Battery life (5/5): I've had no issues here. Don't really use for hours and hours on end though.

Material/build (5/5): The headphones seem to be very sturdy. All of the "moving bits" (i.e. the hinges to fold headphones and the adjustment for the "length") are made of metal, not plastic. The foam is pretty soft. The headphones aren't super heavy, but aren't super lightweight. May cause some fatigue if worn for longer periods of time.

*Specific use cases*
On-the-go (5/5): Good for short-term listening like I said, and wireless is very nice for portability.
Gaming (1/5): IF you thought you could use these on bluetooth mode for voice applications (Discord, Teamspeak) at the same time as gaming, just know that you may encounter serious issues with sound settings. I tried just about everything to try and get it to work. Fiddled with the "hands-free" vs "stereo", the input/output, disabling other devices, unchecking boxes in sound settings for letting applications "take control" of the device, adjusting frequencies, adjusting in-program sound settings, etc. etc. etc. What I ended up figuring out is that using these headphones (or probably any bluetooth headphones) on wireless/bluetooth is not optimal. Some issues I had:
-voice applications like Teamspeak would "kill" the sound of any other applications (I'd hear only the teamspeak audio and none of the audio from any other applications).
-microphone will pick up background noise (and if you adjust mic sensitivity too low your own voice may cut out)
-just a real pain to go through the sound settings, pick the input/output, try and figure out what boxes to check and uncheck in order to get the headphones to play well with every application you want to use simultaneously

My solution was to purchase the V-moda boom pro mic that you can plug into the headphones and into your PC. This works very well, but if you had the (perhaps foolish) hopes that your bluetooth headphones were super multi-purpose and the in-built mic would work even on just a functional level for gaming, you'll probably find yourself in the same situation and have to purchase a separate mic or even a separate gaming headset. I was mainly bummed out about this because the Q&A section led me to believe I COULD use these headphones for gaming/voice applications simultaneously, when really it's a huge challenge.

TLDR: Bluetooth doesn't work well with gaming simultaneously with Teamspeak/Discord. If you're just using it for LISTENING ONLY then the bluetooth will work fine. The issues come in when you want to use the built-in mic and have multiple programs running. The bluetooth just can't handle it.

Overall (3.5/5): I admit that this rating is somewhat biased by my specific use case. If you are looking for wireless headphones for listening to music/videos for short-semi long periods of time, with the occasional option to take calls/skype, then these are super good value and I'd recommend them (would be closer to 4/5 for that use case). If you are looking to use them for this AND other purposes like gaming while on Discord/Teamspeak, just know you'll run into some challenges.

Edit (12/19/18): I neglected to mention that the Tribit customer service is great. While they couldn't help me find a solution to the microphone/bluetooth issue for my specific use case, they offered a partial refund for the product and were prompt, courteous, and attentive in their service.
By December 21, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
This product has good sound and great battery life but the construction is a little on the weak side. They broke on me within 2 weeks and that's a shame because I really liked them. Plastic inside of the folding joint that holds a metal pin snapped on me but I do have a big head. I still recommend them but be careful.
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