By January 3, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Great product. However, one of the buttons stop working for me after two months. Very heavy heaphones.
By January 17, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Is not easy for elderly
By January 23, 2019
Color: Red | Verified Purchase
Got these for my wife for Christmas, they are good headphones for the price. Nice sound and easy to use.
By January 26, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
The sound quality is great. They feel a bit bulky and heavy. They don’t sit well on your shoulders when you need to take them off. The battery life is phenomenal! I haven’t found a way to skip songs yet.
By February 12, 2019
Color: Red | Verified Purchase
UPDATE: Ironically, two days after writing the glowing review (below) the right speaker started cutting in and out intermittently. I took delivery of the headphones on December 13, 2013 and have taken very good care of them. Sent email to Tribit support. Waiting for reply. After I bought mine, I gave several away as Christmas gifts. Fingers crossed they're going to be ok.

Original Review: Review after review say the $50 Tribit Xfree Tune Bluetooth headphones have outstanding build quality and sound "for the price." This is very misleading because the inference is, that while these may be the class leader in the $50 price range, they are not as good as more expensive headphones. From my experience, this just isn't so.

I've always used wired headphones because the sound of Bluetooth headphones was mediocre at best. But technology evolves and I started reading very good things about the $350 Bose QuietComfort 35II, the $350 Sony 1000xm3. and the revolutionary new $400 Nuraphones that automatically tune themselves to the individual listener’s hearing. I also read the $50 Tribit iFree Tune are very good headphones "for the price." I decided to purchase each and judge for myself. I'm not an audiophile, but after listening to all four for nearly a month, to me, the Tribit sounds every bit as good as the other three.

The Bose QC35ii are the lightest and most comfortable of the four. They have a neutral tuning, which means the Bose engineers didn't tinker with the tuning to emphasize a particular frequency rage (i.e., add bass). You're pretty much hearing what the artist intended, which I like. However, the QC35ii suffer from sub-par Bluetooth range. Just putting my phone in my pocket could cause the Bluetooth to cut out. Not good for $350 headphones. The QV35ii’s have excellent active noise cancelling (ANC), but this caused a strange cabin-pressure feeling that I found uncomfortable. When I turned ANC off, the QC35ii’s didn’t sound as good. The QC35ii’s have physical buttons to adjust volume and change tracks and a multi-function button for play/pause and to answer calls. There is also a button on the left muff to trigger Google Assistant, a convenient feature.

The Sony 1000xm3 headphones are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They are tuned to emphasize bass, which is great for jamming to rock and EDM, but leaves the mids and highs sounding a bit flat. However, the XM3's have an app that allowed me to tinker with the sound. I found the "Bright" setting to be more neutral and worked best for my taste in music (Classical & jazz). On the left muff there’s a physical on/off button and a second button to trigger Google Assistant. The right muff has a touchpad (instead of buttons) to control volume, change tracks, and answer calls. While the touchpad is a cool feature for a techie like me, once the new wore off, I found I didn’t like it as much as physical buttons. The xm3 have class-lading active noise cancelling, if you need it. I listen to music while writing in my quite office, so ANC is lost on me.

The 1st-gen $400 Nuraphones are more like a prototype than a finished product. They have great sound once you get them tuned correctly but getting them tuned correctly took some effort. They are heavy and fell off my head when I bent over to pet my dog. The touch controls on either side of the muffs are programmable but very sensitive causing me to accidentally switched tracks or change the volume when I tried to adjust the headphone. Also, if you program the buttons to change tracks and adjust volume, there is no way to pause the track. Hopefully, future generations will have a fit and function that matches the outstanding sound. Also, no Google Assistant triggering here.

The $50 Tribit xFree Tune are heavier than the Bose and Sony, but lighter than the Nuraphones. Still, I didn't find the Tribit's uncomfortable to wear for extended periods. At first, I felt some clamping pressure, but took care of this by simply bending the top strap slightly. The tuning is neural, with balanced bass, mids, and highs. While the Tribit's are not tuned to be bass-heavy, they are capable of very deep bass when a third-party equalizer app is used. I was pleasantly surprised to discover the xFree Tune can also trigger Google Assistant with a push of a button. I've read some reviews complaining the buttons on the xFree Tune don't protrude enough, making them difficult to use. I found this true at first, but like anything else, I got used to the buttons and find them very easy to use now. I’m getting about 30 hours on a full charge, also a pleasant surprise.

IN CONCLUSION: The Tribit xFree Tune headphones are not just great sounding headphones “for the price”, they have the build quality, features (less ANC), and sound quality of headphones costing $350 and I highly recommend them.
By February 15, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
sound quality was impressive for my teenager. she loved them. Hers had problems with voice quality when making and receiving phone calls. headset and phone were fully charged and within 10 feet of each other while making and receiving cell phone calls. Amazon was hassle free with a quick solution.. I ended up buying Skull Candy Crusher headphones. I am very happy.
By February 17, 2019
Color: Red | Verified Purchase
The only reason I give it a 3-star is because of the dent in the ear cup. I wish the company could contact me so I can have the ear cups replaced I would not want to send the whole headphones back
By February 22, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Returned due to passive noise cancelation. Otherwise, audio quality and microphone were sufficient for audio conferencing/watching videos but I would want to spend more for "B" brand if mainly using for music.
By March 4, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Great battery life. Not as noise canceling as I as other headphones that are in the approximate price range.
By March 4, 2019
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
For the price, these headphones sound awesome. I purchased these to wear for an extended period of time while at my desk at work. For me, the fit was not great and they would start to feel very uncomfortable after about an hour. The fit might be unique to me and I am sure some people have no issues at all.

I wish they were a little lighter and more comfortable and they would be the perfect headphones in this price range. Only other feature I would like to see is noise canceling. But its hard to complain when these are priced so well.

I will be returning because I need something that I can comfortably wear for 4-6 hours straight.
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