By September 27, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
The sound was great for such a small speaker. So much so that I recommended it to a family member who bought one of for themselves. Unfortunately, after using it a 10-15 time in the few months I had it, it no longer works properly. Now whenever it is connected to a device, it only plays audio for 2-4 minutes before shutting itself off. This happens every time I try to use it now. Very frustrating. It went from being one of my favorite purchases to something I wish I hadn't purchased. No where near enough usage before running into problems.
By October 1, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
The Bass notes at any volume has distortion and buzzing. I have returned it and am now looking for a better replacement.
By October 3, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
I had written a good review for this speaker but I have to update. It was good for a few uses with great sound but after about 2 hours of use the speakers are blown. Now even on a full charge it's rattling and sounds like a cheap Chinese speaker. I'm really disappointed. I initially thought this product was great but it didn't even last more than 2 hours of use. Beware.
By October 4, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Same day i got the product listened to my music with the volume all the way up then literally 5-10 minutes the speaker would keep cutting in and out real choppy sounding. I knew i was getting a $28 speaker but with all the good reviews i thought it would be a steal but no you get what you pay for i guess.
By October 6, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
After numerous attempts, driver updates, countless reboots it refuses to link with my HP Laptop while all other Bluetooth devices work fine. Tribit does not offer support. So, No Support, Does Not Work! Why spend your money on an expensive paperweight!
By October 19, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Just recieved this item and its been charging all day and still didnt even work. Smdh. Dont buy it.
By October 19, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
In full disclosure, I must admit that I miss my Bose Bluetooth speaker. Their acoustics are impeccable. The "Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speakers" only cost a fraction of my Bose speaker. I first purchased the "DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth" which is in the same price range; I returned that product because it lacked bass and was unimpressive overall. The Tribit, however, has plenty of bass for such a small speaker. Ironically, the problem that I have is the treble! I think it is an inherent problem with smaller speakers and not this particular device. I have installed an equalizer on my computer which mitigates some of the problems and makes the speaker sound very acceptable.

The pros:
• The speaker is loud! It is perfect for a jam session in your bedroom. I'm not sure it is suitable for large or multi rooms.
• The quality is good, and the speaker looks like a million bucks.
• It has an excellent microphone that works well with phone calls and even to interact with Siri or Cortana.
• The Play button allows one to answer, reject or end a call. It also can play or pause a song. Finally, it allows you to skip a music track forward or backward.

The cons:
• While the bass is fairly impressive, the treble is slightly overriding.
• The battery does not nearly last for 24 hours if you like to blast music as I do
• The speaker can only be paired to one device at a time. If you are listening to music on the computer and the phone tries to connect, the speaker will sometimes disconnect from all devices. The speaker does have an av input one could connect to the computer but obviously, the speaker would no longer be completely portable. This could be a deal breaker for many.

After comparing this speaker with others in its price range, I realize that this speaker has such poor sound quality that I could never recommend it to anyone.
By October 24, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Nice, compact speaker. Sounded great for 1 week then started crackling. Bought another and it did the same.
By October 25, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Speaker turned on but that was about it. Finally got it to pair with my phone sound was bad. When I tried to turn the volume up it went down and the other button would not work. Essentially the only two buttons that worked was power and the volume up but down button. Don't waste your money here. Buying the Beats Pill now instead.
By November 21, 2018
Color: Blue | Verified Purchase
Cheap chinas couldn't even include a m-m aux input cable OR a charger. I recommend you buy something else
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