By September 9, 2018
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
was know where near the quality or sound that I expected after watching numerous you reviews. pure junk to me which is why i returned them
By September 12, 2018
| Verified Purchase
After my old review (see below) someone from the company contacted me and offered to replace the headphones for free. When I got my replacement, it was working great, until today. The bluetooth function stopped working all together. It's annoying. I can still use them with the AUX cable, but that's not why I bought these headphones. I won't be purchasing anymore products from this company.
**Old Review**
I really liked the price. Probably the best thing about the product. They're comfortable. The battery last a long time. And they look really nice. There is one issue that really annoys me. The play button doesnt work properly. Sometimes I have to hit it multiple times to play something on my phone. Sometimes it doesn't work full stop. I have to try and hit it in different parts of the play button to get it to work. I've had it for a couple of months, and it's been like this since I got it. It's a good thing other aspects of the headphones are good, because otherwise I would have returned them.
By March 8, 2019
Color: Pink | Verified Purchase
Pretty good headphones until they die and won’t charge anymore.
By April 8, 2019
Color: Pink | Verified Purchase
I had the headphones for two weeks, and the right side of the headphones don’t even work. It’s static, and it’s not the connection between the phone and the headphones
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