Technical specifications
  • Connectivity

    • Bluetooth Version:


    • Bluetooth Range:


  • Output power

    • 9W

  • Battery

    • Type & Capacity:

      Lithium-ion 3.7V 2600mAh

    • Playtime:

      Up to 8 hours

  • Dustproof & Waterproof

    • IP67

  • System Frequency response

    • 70Hz-20kHz

  • General

    • Dimensions:


    • Weight:


  • Support


  • Audio Codecs

    • SBC AAC

Reviews On Amazon

By Doh Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
| Verified Purchase
After my last waterproof speaker died (Jam Zero Chill) after 2 years I was looking for a replacement. I'm a mobile engineer so although the speaker doesn't get used in places that are usually wet, it's just reassuring to know that if I accidentally leave it outside and it then rains at least it will survive any downpours.

I like the fact that this speaker is compact and is the right shape for slotting into my work bag. The sound quality is very good considering how small it is. Bass response is spot on for me, I don't like excessive bass as a bass player I do like a punchy bass tone which this seems to have and it's certainly loud enough for my needs.

It is possible to pair two Stormbox speakers to give a stereo sound but as I don't need that functionality then it's not something I will be able to verify.

For the current price (under £40) this is a fantastic little speaker and I would happily recommend it.
By Kalinic Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
| Verified Purchase
With this speaker it really seems like Tribit looked at the speaker market right now in decided to create something to blow them all out of the water. I have no idea if they're losing money on it because it sounds better and some speakers which are more than double the price.
Sure there are better, louder, bassier speakers out there but they tend to be way larger and way more expensive. I own several portable Bluetooth speakers ranging from ultra-portable ones like Anker Soundcore Micro, to larger ones like Sony x33, and I will be replacing all of them with this one.
The only thing that's missing for me is the 3.5 millimetre jack and it would be great if the speaker was a bit flatter on at least one side so can be put easily upright.
Again don't expect mind-blowing bass but for a speaker at this size you will be amazed, and definitely will not regret your purchase.
I'm looking with anticipation for the next version of this speaker. If they do the same job as they did with this one it will be mind-blowing.
By Jonas silvers Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
This seems to be a quality speaker happy with it
By Jomomma Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
So far so good..I've been using this as my bike, walking speaker and it's working very well. I live in NYC and it's loud all the time🤦but sadly nothing goes louder than the subway train🤷. I was worried about the strap to hold it but it's strong enough,Deep bass and min distortion but still works very well, I feel the distance is less than 100ft for Bluetooth overall this little speaker is well worth the money but as far as how long it lasts I'll let you know 🙂 also works well as shower (party😉)speaker...make it bump.
By Paul n. Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
By Sabine Winter Rezension aus Deutschland vom 25
| Verified Purchase
Ich habe mir den Lautsprecher für die Reha zugelegt um nicht über den „Quaks- Laptoplautsprecher“ hören zu müssen. Das ist der Hammer... klar, kein Rauschen, keine Aussetzer ich bin begeistert. Werde nun meinen Bose veräußern und mir noch einen zweiten Tribit zulegen- damit es richtig knallt.
By jeffinky Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Orange | Verified Purchase
I bought this mostly for audio books and talk shows. It plays music as well, if not better than my JBL clip, which the clip battery died after 4 years of use. Nice size, and I picked this up because of the rubber strap. Pleased with purchase. Don't expect this little speaker to play music great. It does OK, I like the sound of this better than the two Xsound surfs. This has a little more bass, but the bass can sound muddy.
By \\/(()(()||))(()(() Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
I bought this product off of what other reviewers had said about this product & I have to say, I AM JUST AS IMPRESSED with these speakers! I highly recommend that you go with two of these little guys as pairing them in stereo mode is surprising to say the least! They are also very durable considering I have already had them both mounted on my Segways frame which takes a ton of vibration from there not being any shocks! But still after 6+ hrs of putting two paired speakers through the hardest testing ever, these held up beautifully & like others mention, the sound is awesome! At full volume you won’t get that weird reverberation rattle that tends to take place often with these small Bluetooth speakers. My advice is get these as soon as possible! They are easily worth $80-$100 bucks each, but they are selling for one-third that cost right now! Buy this speaker now so you can brag about having the loudest, smallest, most bad-ass Bluetooth speaker on the market first! Money well spent! That’s for sure!!!
By Terri Taylor Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Great sound.
By Amazon Kunde Rezension aus Deutschland vom 23
| Verified Purchase
ich habe 2 stormbox micro’s für unterwegs gekauft . sie sind perfekt . bluetooth pairing funktioniert top . stereo auch . der sound ist fantastisch für die grösse ! der akku hält was er verspricht . der kundendienst von tribit ist 1a . ich empfehle die boxen absolut weiter .
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