Technical specifications
  • Connectivity

    • Bluetooth Version:


    • Bluetooth Range:


  • Output power

    • 9W

  • Battery

    • Type & Capacity:

      Lithium-ion 3.7V 2600mAh

    • Playtime:

      Up to 8 hours

  • Dustproof & Waterproof

    • IP67

  • System Frequency response

    • 70Hz-20kHz

  • General

    • Dimensions:


    • Weight:


  • Support


  • Audio Codecs

    • SBC AAC

Reviews On Amazon

By Sunny Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
| Verified Purchase
I was pressurized in to buying these after watching a few reviews on Youtube.
If you're after a pocket-sized speaker that can play louder and clearer sound, then this is the right product for you.
The micro storm box delivers a pretty decent bass without ruining the sound quality of your music. Apart from the bass, you also get crystal clear music that doesn't distort at high volumes. The micro has an ability to pair with another Tribit speaker for a proper stereo mode which will result in 2x or more speakers playing the same music with increased loudness and bass.

In conclusion, these are really small which makes it widely portable. Its durable and also it sounds great which makes it very affordable.
By Chuck Wong Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
I brought this to go on a hiking trip and beach trip and it’s very easy to connect and portable on the go
By K. Ingram Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Awesome little bluetooth speaker! Great sound from such a compact device. Pairing is dead simple and fast. I use it mostly with my phone when I'm working outside and it is plenty loud with room to spare. I've even paired it with a tablet and used it for videoconferencing since it has a microphone (didn't know that until I got it).

The rubber strap is astounding in how much it holds, and how easy it is to hook on things. I figured it would pop out with a little jostle, but no, it has held on fast to both my bike and my backpack, even off-road. You can pull hard on it and it doesn't budge.

Overall a great speaker. I will probably buy another one to try out the stereo mode.
By D. Pender Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
I have had a number of Bluetooth speakers. Some were good. Some lacked sufficient sound volume to use outdoors. This device checks all the boxes for me, including price point. Very happy with this purchase!
By Girts Rezension aus Deutschland vom 20
| Verified Purchase
Great product. No complaints.
By Mr Craig Adams Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
| Verified Purchase
Loud and clear
By Dave - Bristol Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
| Verified Purchase
This is a great speaker. I did read up on line on loads of sites before buying and took ages to decide and it paid off. I bought it for my car but now use around the house and also when working away. Very good sound quality. Will play a good distance through the thick walls of my old house from my phone. I do use it as a hands free speaker for my iPhone but it does not have a give a great reception on the motorway (60mph), but better at slower speeds. Though not tested it against anything else for hands free phone use. The rubber strap works very well for securing it. The battery life is ok but could be better. Very compact and would recommend to all well worth the money.
By Navypolo Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Love this little speaker! I have had Bose speakers of all kinds for a long time. I even have the Soundlink 2. I was just looking for something smaller for different purposes. As soon as I heard it play...I loved it! Had to get her to listen to it too! She said no she busy..but I pushed anyway. Now I am buying a second one for her. It has good quality sound with surprisingly amazing bass. You’ll love it.
By DaveS Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Pros - sound quality, rich bass, exceptional battery life, bluetooth connectivity, compact size

Cons- Speaker is covered by fabric mesh, not plastic
By Udo B. Rezension aus Deutschland vom 19
| Verified Purchase
Tolles Gerät. Sehr guter Verarbeitung, toller Sound. Sehr empfehlenswert.
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