Dedicated Controls

The fundamentals of design are done right. We put an independent button to notify battery life, and an option to easily un-pair from any other Bluetooth devices which may have connected to your earbuds. No more guessing.

Technical specifications
  • Fit &Comfort

    • Headset Form:


    • Eargels:

      6 sets of eargels

  • Connectivity

    • Bluetooth Version:


    • Wireless Range:

      Up to 33 feet / 10 meters

  • Battery

    • Earbuds Charging Time:

      1.5 hours with dedicated charging case

    • Case Charging Time:

      2 hours with charging cable

    • Playtime:

      Up to 100 hours with charging case

      5 hours of playtime on a single charge

      19 more full recharges from the charging case

  • General

    • Box Content

      Tribit Earbuds(L&R)

      Charging Case

      Ear Tips

      USB Cable

      User Manual

    • Weight


Reviews On Amazon

By Jonathan8191 Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
Good quality earplug, comes with neat package, and also has several sizes of earbuds that user can choose
By SleepyHead Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
This is the first set of true wireless earbuds I've had, so I have nothing to compare them to. But the operation is simple, they sound great, they stay comfortably in place, and they're priced very reasonably.
By Darko Rezension aus Deutschland vom 6.
| Verified Purchase
Very good sound. Touch controls on both earbuds, work good, but there is no rewind function. Charging box can charge smartphone. Good quality and compact.
By H. Wright Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
Bought a Tribit speaker and they sent me a discount for these. Good timing since I needed a new pair of earbuds. Pros: Great fit (I mean really surprisingly comfortable after 3+ hour walking), feels solidly built like my Jabra 65T's, great isolation of outside noise. Audio is excellent but I'm no audiophile. With these I'm at about 80% conversion from micro-USB to USB-C which is nice. Each earbud can work independently. Microphone was reported as "Sounds good" during a few test calls. Auto-on and connecting is nice, but is really the new standard for any earbuds.

Neutrals: A earbud case as a USB charger?... Hmm.. Unexpected feature, might be useful. The benefit of 100 hours of audio sounds nice, but since my phone won't last that long I'd be visiting a charging station anyway. Wait, that the idea behind the charger? We'll see. Surface of earbuds is silk smooth, which looks great but has no tactile feedback to tapping the buttons.

Cons: No hear-through option. Connects to only one device. Case seems sturdy, but I'm unlikely to find any sort of protective sleeve for it.

I'm pleased, and even without the discount I'd say they have a very good benefit/value. They're not Jabras but should be a good workout and walking pair. I'm NOT a "brand" following person but my opinion of the company based on two previous purchases is thumbs up.
By Bill Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
I own most Tribit products (XSound Go, MaxSound Plus, Stormbox, Stormbox Micro, XSound Surf, XFree Color, XFree Tune, XFree Go and others in the past) and they are my favorite budget-friendly manufacturer of wireless speakers, headphones, and earbuds. These new Flybuds 3 are the company’s best TWS earbud offering to date. I had the original Flybuds which were very good, and the recent Flybuds 1, however both didn’t fit my ears well. These brand new Flybuds 3 are perfect. They come with 6 (yes 6!) different size ear tips and more importantly 2 different size rubber wings that “lock” the earbuds in my ears by gripping my outer ear. This many ear tips and wings guarantees that any user should find a suitable fit.

Once finding the right size, I easily paired the earbuds to my iPhone (running iOS 13.5.1) and I can guarantee no drops even with 40 feet distance between the Flybuds 3 and my iPhone in my home as the Flybuds 3 have Bluetooth 5.0. The case is fantastic as the led indicators give the battery level at the touch of a button and its size is perfect for putting in a pocket. Another perk is that the case is a portable battery charger for not just the earbuds but any device as long as you have the correct USB charging cord.

Now onto their sound which is great at default setting. I always use a 3 band EQ on my iPhone to slightly emphasize highs and lows (ie. treble and bass) leaving mids alone. With this slight EQ adjustment the Flybuds 3 are EXCELLENT!!! The soundstage is excellent with nice spatial placement of instruments. Very rarely do instruments get “lost” unless it’s a very complicated passage in the mix. I’m even hearing subtle nuances in songs that I’ve not heard with any other earbuds I’ve tried (and I’ve tried dozens.) Passive noise cancellation is great and works like any other earbuds with proper tip fitment.

The only item I wish I could change is the touch button functions. To advance to the next song requires a triple tap, however there is no reverse track selection. I would hope Tribit could add a quadruple tap function for that.

Other than that one minor criticism, these Flybuds 3 are amazing especially when you factor in their LOW price (and even better if you can get them in sale.) They are the best TWS earbuds on the market even beating others that are twice or triple the price!!!

Great job yet again Tribit!!!
By trance Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
They love them. Reasonably priced. Delivered on time and as expected!
By Dante Q. Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
1, I wasted maybe 300 USD on earbuds in the past. It seems that this product combines cost, quality and features to meet my requirements: waterproof, light weight, comfortable, USB-C. Good value for the money: 10/10
2, Sound Quality: 9/10. I tried some songs and podcasts, considered it's only ~$35, good sound quality
3, Easy to use: 9/10. I really like the double-tap function key and bluetooth paring "easy mode": you don't need to hold a key for 5 secs to pair them, they're discoverable if they're not connected to any bluetooth device. Plus, open/close the charging box will power on/off the earbuds automatically, that's smart. Unfortunately I can't +/- volume on the earbuds
4, Comfort: 10/10. Way better than other waterproof earbuds like Sony WS623. They fit in my ears, are not painful and won't slip when I jogging
5, Waterproof: not rated. I will update after 2 months use

In addition, I really like the packaging. The orange box is delightful and there is a thank you/warranty card inside.
By MAHen Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
Tribit knocked it out of the park with these buds! Once I got the right tips these puppies feel and sound great! Solid build quality, comfortable, light weight and crystal clear balanced sound profile. Bass is there but not overwhelming. If I had to compare I would say these sound closer to the Bose sound profile(precise and clear at all volume levels) than say Sony or Power Beats(pronounced bass and more of a warm blended sound profile) Noise isolation is good, pairing is automatic and solid, range is great and they hot swap like champs. Excellent overall functionality and sound for the price. I consistently get 5-6 hours of streaming use per charge(recharging is speedy too) and the battery life on the case is insane! Very happy with these buds and their price point!
By Saj. Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
| Verified Purchase
Okay so 3 days in, these are top, for the price and the range and for what it is, and for the price it's a steal, it stays true to it 100hr play back tested, and also has an In built charger pack so you can have back up power in case of emergencies, will give you quarter to full battery, sound and bass treble and mids are great, you can play around on how you like on whatever music app you use, all in all these are good, they have touch but it's a little less sensitive at times, I got these on release for a lot less ,and for that price they're worth it, for 40 its alittle much 30 is better range
By shane scott Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
| Verified Purchase
Waterproof, easy to use, sound great, a true bargain.
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