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By Nathan Castillo 8 July 2019
| Verified Purchase
Super.I'm very impressed with these earbuds. I didn't know what to expect given the mixed reviews and the price but for my purposes they are perfect. Sounds quality is good, better than any other budget Bluetooth headphones, I'm yet to test battery life but impressed by the charging case they sit in when not in use. They are good quality and we'll packaged. If you're after some earbuds but don't want to break the bank give these a shot, you won't be disappointed.
By Georgia Houston 21 August 2019
| Verified Purchase
Lovely clear sound. I have no problems using it. It is very simple to use. Great for indoors and out.
By Marlene Wilkins 21 August 2019
| Verified Purchase
Very good quality and good sound
By Bill September 9, 2019
| Verified Purchase
I own several other Tribit products, thus I’m familiar with the company. These Flybuds earbuds are my first true TWS earbuds that I’ve owned and they are great. The 3 tip sizes should allow a proper fit for almost anyone (you may just need to rotate the earbuds in your ear to find a good hold.) I’ve tried dislodging these earbuds from my ears and I can’t (and I prefer the smallest size tip too!)
The sound from the earbuds is extremely accurate. Because if the nature of earbuds bass is more pronounced than say the standard Apple EarPods that come with my iPhone. Having said that I do also use a media player with a graphic equalizer. I prefer just a simple 3 band equalizer to emphasize highs and some lows. This is more helpful with Bluetooth speakers. I’ve not had to make any adjustments for the Flybuds. They sound great!
The touch controls work well. I wish I could adjust the volume up or down by sliding my finger on the Flybud and maybe that’ll come with a firmware update. Regardless the function of exactly as the instructions outline.
Now factor in the price. I do think they are worth the retail price, but if they are on sale it’s a bonus. Again I own several Tribit products (check out my other reviews!) so I was going to get these regardless of price. I’m glad I did.
Damn Dua Lipa sounds good on these ! ! !
Great job Tribit!!!
By Bostame Md Bayazid 10. September 2019
| Verified Purchase
Sound quality is standard but the connectivity is very poor and not usable. My unit came as one of the bud is damaged. I didn't expect this bad connectivity from a device that has bluetooth 5.0 . There is slide lag between audios and videos. Not usable as a primary device while playing online game or watching videos. Even, if wind is blowing outside and you want to listen to music the bud can not play Becuse of the unstable connectivity I can't recommend it until tribit fix the problem. I am waiting for the reply from tribit.

Update 1 : The customer service told me that they will send me another one which may not have the issues. I will try that write a review again. Except of the connectivity issue the sound quality is good but in bluetooth buds connectivity is the main point.

Update 2 : The customer service was helpful and they sent me a free replacement. Althought I am not convinced
with the connectivity of the device but it's pretty good for workout. I am giving 5* based on the sound quality and customer service. I will use this device at the time of workout only.
By 2gether 11. September 2019
| Verified Purchase
Ich habe die Kopfhörer in der Early Bird - Aktion mit einem attraktiven Preis kaufen können. Die Kopfhörer wurden sofort verschickt und sind schnell bei mir angekommen.
Wie schon in vielen Tests auf verschiedenen Plattformen beschrieben: Die Verpackung ist schlicht und einfach. Das Ladecase ist schön klein und durch die Lederoptik wirkt es sehr hochwertig. Die Kopfhörer werden mit einem Magneten im Ladecase gehalten (+). Sobald das Case geöffnet ist, schalten sich die Kopfhörer ein.
Der Sitz der True Wireless Kopfhörer ist sehr gut. Mit den passenden InEar Pads sitzen die Kopfhörer sicher im Ohr und klingen für diesen Preis richtig gut! Tribit hat da weitergemacht, wo sie angefangen haben. Alle bisherigen Tribit Produkte punkten mit einem ausgeglichenen starken Klangbild. Meist sind in diesem Preissegment die Abstimmung stark auf den Bass getrimmt. Bei Tribit nicht. Die FlyBuds bringen einen ausgeglichenen Klang in die Ohren, der für jeden Musikstil möglich ist. M.M. ist der Klang noch ein wenig detailfreudiger als die von den X1 TW Kopfhörern. Für den Preis macht Ihr auf jeden Fall nichts falsch. Tribit hat wieder geliefert!
Von den in Tests angesprochenen unvorhergesehenen "Play / Pause" - Vorfällen habe ich nichts gemerkt. Sollte sich dies ändern - update ich meine Rezension.
By K. Stefan 11. September 2019
| Verified Purchase
Kopfhörer absolut hochwertig verbaut, die Ladeschale ist ebenfalls hochwertig und kein billiger Plastikdreck, Verbindung via Bluetooth problemlos. Sitze dann verschiedener Eartips perfekt im Ohr und Schirmen auch sehr gut ab. Klang ist auch sehr gut der Bass könnte ein weniger besser sein.

Einziger richtiger Negtivpunkt ist die fehlende Lautstärkenregulierung über den Kopfhörer das muss man leider über das Handy machen.

Sonst ein guter solider Kopfhörer.
By Constantine Vlavianos September 11, 2019
| Verified Purchase
I anxiously awaited the arrival fo this new product. Although I was very disappointed in Amazon's one day delay in the promised delivery time, my disappointment quickly transformed to great satisfaction. The ear buds come delivered in a very high quality box and are packaged exquisitely in an all around package that gives the appearance of much more expensive ear buds. The storage case, that serves as a charging station did not disappoint in the least. The buds themselves are very solidly built and look "real classy". While I have a problem in the past with buds remaining in my ears, these fit each ear perfectly and fit comfortably in the ear with no appearance of coming loose of falling out. And the sound ? Exquisite.....the spectrum of sound is simply unbelievable for such a small package.
By V. 12. September 2019
| Verified Purchase
Es kam sehr schnell an und wurde auch gut verpackt. Packet kam innerhalb 2 Tagen an.

Ich finde die kopfhörer echt gut, weil sie sich ganz einfach mit dem handy verbinden lassen und ich endlich kein lästiges kabel mehr habe.
Sound qualität finde ich sehr gut.
Mit der mitgelieferten ladestation sind sie auch immer gleich super verpackt und können in der hosentasche nicht kaputt gehen.
By D1 September 12, 2019
| Verified Purchase
I've been using there products for a while and I purchased the previous version of there tribit x1's and thought to myself tribit can't improve on what was already a amazing set if earbuds. I mistaken... First they improved on the battery life which is amazing. Secondly the sound is amazing not as much bass as the x1's but the sound is pretty close to perfect. Call quality is also pretty good. Every once in a while I'll notice the quality of the person's voice on the other end changes but it's only a second or two. Doesn't have volume control but for me that's not a big deal. Overall I'm very satisfied with the product.
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Flybuds Updated Firmware(V0.3.1) Notes

This is to state that a firmware(V0.3.1) is available for the Tribit Flybuds.

Any customer who currently owns Flybuds, can easily update the firmware according to the instruction. And you can find it on Tribit website footer "Product Update".

What’s changed with Firmware V0.3.1?

1. For both earbuds, the issue of failing to pair with each other has been fixed.

2. The EQ is adjusted and the sound quality is more balanced.

3. The bass is strengthen.

4. Adjusted the sensitivity on touch button to avoid any unwanted press.