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My second purchase of Tribit stuff. I also own a pair of Bluetooth over the rest cans which I am really impressed by do I got these too and I'm not disappointed. Sound is great. Low profile form factor so you don't look like an idiot.
By IVAN Revisado en España el 25 de febr
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An amazing product.
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Although I have given 5 stars I have had a few connectivity issues resulting in disruptions whilst listening to music either stored on the phone or listening on a radio app. As a result I contacted Tribit Customer Service team to see if they could help resolve these issues.

The service I received from Cathy who dealt wit my case was excellent with prompt replies and suggestions on procedures to try to alleviate the problems. I have since been told that replacement earbuds would be sent to me when all procedures failed. The customer service is a credit to the Tribit brand.

It was quite frustrating because when the Flybuds were working and not losing connection I was impressed with the sound and comfort whilst listening to music. I have read some people criticising volume and bass levels but with the music settings on my phone I found them more than adequate although maybe a bit extra bass on the radio would be preferable.

I have a Tribit speaker which is very good which is the reason I wanted these and hopefully the replacement Flybuds will replicate the speaker for sound and connectivity.
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Bought these as wanted a convenient pair for the gym. The touch takes a little getting used to, but they are an excellent fit. Very comfy and brilliant when doing exercise.
By Nestor Revisado en España el 6 de enero
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Muy buena calidad de sonido, excelente aislamiento y buena ergonomía.
By Esther G.P. Revisado en España el 16 de ener
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Muy cómodos. Se oye perfectamente
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Great battery life, great sound, not a perfect connection but excellent customer service.
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I brought these earphones and they were brilliant; the quality and battery length meant they were great especially for studying. I ran into some technical issues with my pair but I contacted the company and they were super helpful in trying to help me fix the issue. When it couldn't be fixed kind enough to offer me a replacement free of charge! The product is definitely worth the money and the customer support is very helpful if there are any problems.
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EDIT: OK after I've updated the firmware, I can say that the bugs no longer appear. Operation is smooth without any dropped connections. Please note that their website has two methods for installing firmware - one for Huawei and one for Samsung phones. Owners of neither of those brands should follow the Samsung instructions as the Huawei method requires Huawei's proprietary sync software.

Rating updated.

Absolutely wonderful sounds from these budget earbuds with rich midtones and decent bass, and despite their chunky appearance they are really comfortable and snug.

Unfortunately, they are buggy as hell. They'll decide to disconnect from each other so that only one of the buds is working, or decide to turn off suddenly and not reconnect to any device until they've been reset.

When they work they are superb but they're so unpredictable in performance. Will be returning unfortunately.
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Flybuds Updated Firmware(V0.3.1) Notes

This is to state that a firmware(V0.3.1) is available for the Tribit Flybuds.

Any customer who currently owns Flybuds, can easily update the firmware according to the instruction. And you can find it on Tribit website footer "Product Update".

What’s changed with Firmware V0.3.1?

1. For both earbuds, the issue of failing to pair with each other has been fixed.

2. The EQ is adjusted and the sound quality is more balanced.

3. The bass is strengthen.

4. Adjusted the sensitivity on touch button to avoid any unwanted press.