Every Conversation Matters

Leveraging the latest Clear Voice Capture noise reduction technology allows QuietPlus 72 to drown ambient noise while enhancing voice clarity. Wireless conversations now are crystal-clear. Now make your point, only once.

Technical specifications
  • Driver Size

    • Dual 40mm

  • Connectivity

    • Bluetooth Version:


    • Wireless Range:

      Up to 49 feet

  • Battery

    • Charging Time:

      2-3 hours

    • Play Time:

      Up to 30 hours

  • General

    • Package-contents

      1 x Tribit QuietPlus 72 Wireless Headset

      1 x USB-C Charging Cable

      1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable

      1 x User Manual

      1 x Protective Case

    • Weight


Reviews On Amazon

By Thomas S. Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
Disclaimer: I received this headphone via Tribit product test lottery.

I am a self-claimed “audiophile” for more than 2 decades. I own countless high-quality headphones/earphones and I think I know what sound quality means. While I strongly believe (still do!) wireless headphones/earphones can’t compete with their wired counterparts in terms of sound quality, sometimes I am willing to trade a bit SQ for convenience. Technology has improved a lot these days so finally I decided to enter the wireless world.

I first encountered the brand Tribit almost a year ago when I saw a CNET recommendation of their XSport Fly Bluetooth earphone on sound quality. There are numerous brands on the market and I have tried a few highly reviewed ones on Amazon previously but left unsatisfied. Most of them are tuned bass-heavy to appeal some untrained ears, at the cost of balanced, neutral, transparent sound. Based on the review, I decided to give Tribit a try. For the mere $15, I have nothing to lose. Well, I was super happy when I heard it. This is the sound signature I like.

Later I was in search for a full size over-the-ear headphone to pair with Amazon fire stick so I can enjoy movies when the kids are sleeping. This time, I jumped on a deal of Tribit XFree Tune. Again, I was very satisfied with the sound. Tribit has been quite consistent with its sound signature/style. I even recommended it to a few of my friends and the feedbacks are all very positive. However, after almost 10 month or so, I found the XFree Tune can not hold a full charge. Battery life dropped from ~20 hours to 40 minutes. I emailed Tribit customer service without much anticipations as we know most time the CS are not responsive. To my surprise, I got email from Tribit CS the next day. After answering a few questions, the CS offered sending me a new pair without sending the bad one back (it actually still works as a wired one). A few days later, a new pair showed up at my door and everything works fine. The Tribits sound good for the price, but even better, is its responsive CS that stands firmly behind its products.

About just a month ago, I got a surprising email from Tribit asking if I would like to review some of their new product. Of course! Luckily I received the new product Tribit QuietPlus 72 for review. After a few weeks and ~50 hours with it, I feel it is time to write my review.

1. Sound quality (with ANC ON and OFF)
SQ is always on the very top when I evaluate headphones/earphones. Of course, it is only meaningful when you consider the price. Given the ~$70 retail price, I think this one is very hard to beat. It maintains the Tribit signature, which is balanced, clear and transparent sound.

The bass is solid, punchy but never boomy as many bass-heads would like. It can reach quite deep, especially on movie scenes with explosion, you can feel the thumping. It is even better with music as it separates well from mids. This tune of bass is a lot better than some name-brands cost $$$ more.

The mid is a bit recessed to my taste. While it keeps the transparency, it lacks a bit touch of warmth that I would like. This reminds me more like AKG instead of Sennheiser. This by no means it is bad. It just comes down to personal taste. I usually use different headphones for different genre of music, as hardly any headphone can do well for all music.

The treble is slightly bright, again, to my taste. Female vocal may sound a little analytical. It is not very forgiving that may reveal flawed recording.

Soundstage wise, you should not compare a closed can to an open-back one for width and openness as you trade them for isolation/passive noise reduction. Actually, the isolation is quite good even with ANC off.

With ANC on, I also find it sounds more focused. Instrument separation and location become more distinguishable. I prefer leave ANC on even in a quiet environment.

2. Battery life
A full charge can last a week with 3-4 hours every day. Battery life is never a concern to me.

3. Bluetooth connection
Pretty good. I got stable connection to my ipad even though I wander around the house, sometimes even on different floors.

4. Design, size and convenience
Compare to my XFree Tune, the QuietPlus 72 is slightly slimmer. You will feel more clamping force due to the tighter angle of the headband to achieve better noise isolation. This may be a concern if you have big head. The earcups are soft, comfortably wrapping my ears. I have no complaint wearing it for hours watching movies or listening to music. It comes with a hard case for easy carrying around when folded. The newer USB-C charging is fast and convenient

In summary, the Tribit QuietPlus 72 is a pair of wireless ANC headphones of great value. For its $70 price (Amazon.com), you get transparent and natural sound hard to find in this price range. The ANC is a nice touch and significantly improves SQ, though not as powerful as some leading brands. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone who is looking for great sound and functionality within this budget range.
By Luke Harper Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
| Verified Purchase
I love the noise cancellation on these, it does a nice job of removing sounds without impeding what is playing making what you're listening to sound super clear.
By Clinton E Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
Love these new noise cancelling headphones from Tribit. Comfortable fit, great sound quality compared to the original Quietplus headphones that were released last year, the difference is night and day. Button layout is nice, has great bass, mids and, highs. Highly recommend these headphones to anyone on a budget!! My first set of headphones that I ordered had blemishes on the finish probably because they were the first batch made, but my replacements are flawless!! My only pet peeve is I wish the headband was a bit smaller, even on the smallest setting, they barely fit my head.
By Leni Becker Rezension aus Deutschland vom 30
| Verified Purchase
DieSe Kopfhörer wurden diesmal wieder sehr schnell angeliefert.
Sie waren innerhalb von 2 Tagen schon da.
Die Kopfhörer haben einen guten Klang und können schon mit den
von Markenherstellern mithalten.
Sie haben eine sehr lange Akkulaufzeit und sind relativ schnell wieder aufgeladen.
Da ich viel Jogge kann ich sie für diese Zwecke sehr empfehlen.
Sie drücken nicht an den Ohren oder am Kopf.
Die Kopfhörer sind angenehm zu tragen und machen für mich einen
soliden Eindruck.
By Josiah Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
My previous noise-cancelling headphones were TaoTronics, and these Tribits blow the TaoTronics out of the water. The noise-cancelling is so much more clean, and the audio is so much better. I'll give one example of the noise-cancelling specifically: With the TaoTronics, I had to keep the volume extremely high when mowing my lawn, which was not pleasant on my ears. With the Tribits, I can keep the volume at a much lower volume, because the noise-cancelling cancels the lawn-mower noise SO much more effectively.
By Wilhelm E Rezension aus Deutschland vom 27
| Verified Purchase
Die Lieferung erfolgte 2 Tage nach der Bestellung.
Die Bluetooth Kopfhörer lassen sich schnell mit dem Tablett/Handy verbinden und haben eine recht große Reichweite.
Mit den Knöpfen an der Ohrmuschel lassen sich der Sound und die Lautstärke einstellen.
Nach der vollen Aufladung halten die Kopfhörer sehr lange. Und wenn sie doch leer sind, werden sie einfach mit dem USB Kabel angeschlossen.
Die Ohrpolsterung ist weich, sodass sie auch nach längerem Tragen angenehm an den Ohren sind.
Mir machen die Kopfhörer einen hochwertigen und stabilen Eindruck. Der Klang könnte nicht besser sein.
By Adam Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
These are really nice noise cancelling headphones for the price. The sound quality is awesome. They fit great, comfortable to wear all day. Good quality construction, durable, made to last. I was looking for earbuds but these are way more comfortable for long periods of use. The battery lasts a good while between charges.
By Charel Rezension aus Deutschland vom 24
| Verified Purchase
Soundqualität: Top. Ich bin begeistert. Ich finde die Soundqualität besser als die der AirPods Pro sowohl die tiefe der Bässe als auch das Active Noise Cancelling. Vom Aussehen machen sie halt einen Normalen 0-8-15 Eindruck, nicht seltsam oder so. Durch das Aktivierern des NoiseCancelling wird der Akku schneller leer, trotzdem komme ich damit locker eine Woche durch. Die Gösse ist einstellbar und sitzen ohne Drücken o.ä. auf meinem Kopf perfekt. Dies ist auch wohl durch das stabile und hochwertige Design und dennnoch recht geringes Gewicht möglich.
By Stud J. Rezension aus Deutschland vom 24
| Verified Purchase
Die Kopfhörer wurden wie gewohnt am nächsten Tag geliefert.

Man erhält Kopfhörer, die wertig aussehen und ein wirklich gutes Noise Cancelling bieten. Allein passiv bekommt man kaum noch Geräusche mit, mit eingeschaltetem aktiven NC hört man dann tatsächlich fast nichts mehr.

Die Kopfhörer können auch über Klinke betrieben werden - toll, wenn mal die Batterie leer ist.

Die Bluetooth-Verbindung erfolgt in Sekunden und ist sehr stabil.

Das ANC lässt sich auch bei ausgeschaltetem Kopfhörer nutzen.

Das mitgelieferte Gehäuse schützt die Kopfhörer zuverlässlich vor Kratzern. Zubehör/Ladekabel ist vorhanden, großer Pluspunkt.

Im Leistungstest ergab sich nur eine "Schwachstelle", die man sofort selbst beheben kann: Sollte es bei eingeschaltetem ANC zu einem rauschen des Basses kommen, sollten Sie lediglich den Tieffrequenz-Equalizer etwas anpassen und die Db-Grenze leicht herunterregeln. Das ist allerdings nur bei sehr hoch eingestelltem Bass notwendig, was in den seltensten Fällen so sein wird.

Der Tragekomfort ist hoch, ich spüre sie kaum.

Ich finde die Kopfhörer bieten eine gute Konkurrenz zu führenden Produkten.
By Abdulrahman Hasino Rezension aus Deutschland vom 24
| Verified Purchase
Ich arbeite jeden Tag an einem Ort voller Lärm und das verursacht mir Unannehmlichkeiten und ich war ständig auf der Suche nach einer Lösung für dieses Problem!
Mit diesen Kopfhörern hat sich alles geändert
Der Aufruhr endete einerseits und ich hörte Musik, die meinen Tag lebendiger und aktiver machte
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