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By LukeJ142 Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
Sound great, of course they won’t beat out Sony and Bose but for 1/4 of the price, they’re great. ANC woks on low end, and rumbles well, very comfortable. My pair broke after normal use, and was quickly replaced. Customer service is superb.
By Lorenz Hepke Rezension aus Deutschland vom 2.
| Verified Purchase
Die Kopfhörer bieten einen vollen Sound und vor allem Langlebigkeit (ca 30h Laufzeit). Die dezente Basslastigkeit gefällt mir sehr.
Außerdem ist das Noisecancelling bei diesem Preise wirklich phänomenal und die Tatsache, dass die Kopfhörer mit Typ C Laden einfach nur Klasse.

Abschließend möchte ich auf den großartigen Service durch den Verkäufer hinweisen, welcher bei Problemen direkt erreichbar ist und Hilfe anbietet.
By W Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
Really good quality and value. I live them. I use them almost daily.
By Prasanna Adhikari Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
This the best headsets i ever owned, since all of my classes are online, I decided to buy a pair of headphones and i made the right call with this tribit headphones.
First thing first its design look very good and the connectivity is really good. I connect it with three devices and its super easy to switch between them.
The sound quality is just good. Its worth every penny.
Noise cancellation is very surprisingly good. For the price its really good.
By Jerry P. Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
Absolutely amazing what Tribit has pulled off at this price point. Clear, full sound with a huge stage. Clean design and fantastic semi-hard case. There is zero difference between the sound with ANC on or off. I can't state it well enough to do these justice. If you are looking for the best under $200 get them!!!
By AP6141 Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
I loved everything about this headphone. For the price, I am getting a product that is on par in quality with higher-priced products. The noise canceling feature works very well, even without it you won't hear a lot of background noise anyway. The buttons and the functionality are simple and convenient. It fits perfectly around your head and does not hurt your ears even after long listening. It folds with no problem to carry around in the carrying case which is very nice as well. Overall, if someone wants to explore real quality NC headphones without paying at least twice as much for premium brands, please try this first. You could very well end up happy for saving money like I did.
By Prue_love Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
I bought this noise cancellation headphones and it has very good loud sound crisp also comfortable on the ears. Good battery life .
By Vy Nguyen Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
These headphones are as beautiful as comfortable as great sounding. I easily paired them to my phone. They come in a beautiful case. They are lightweight. They have a great cushion on the head band. I love having multiple noise canceling features. These are very premium headphones and worth the splurge. A very great headphone with wonderful sound quality. The battery life is also superb.
By Perry Lam Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
 First off, these headphones are actually noise canceling. As seen in the video I snapped with my fingers while wearing the headphones and I did not hear it. These suck the ears and everything becomes quiet or very low mumbly.
- noise canceling.
- ear suction.
- very comfortable, like I'm wearing a pillow.
- sound is crisp.
- bass is good.
- Wireless and easy to connect.
- comes with a carry case.
- foldable.

- does not come with a mixer app recommendation but can use others from app store.
- might be too noise canceling because when I wear these I legit can not hear anything outside. I might hear a little mumbling when the music is off but if I have music in I would not know if someone was talking to me.
By Ashley H Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
I got these headphones because: I really don't like in-ear buds (they're just not comfortable for me) and wanted a headset that was bluetooth, over-the-ear, and had a microphone so I can answer my phone with them. These had everything I wanted, and ended up being much better quality than I thought they would. For starters, the headband has metal connections to the ear pieces. I've had many headphones break because they used plastic to connect the ears, so this was great! Speaking of the ear pieces, they rotated forward and backward, as well as side-to-side. Battery life has been superb as well. I've used them for 5-6 hours every day for about a week now after charging them once and they're still not low battery. Included with the headphones are a hard case, charging cable, audio cable, instruction book. The included warranty card says 30 day money-back guarantee, 18 month replacement, and lifetime support.
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