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By DebLee January 21, 2018
Color: Black1 | Verified Purchase
These headphones have surprisingly good sound for the price. They are easy to use. I had no problem charging and pairing the device. I am happy with this product as I intend to use them at the gym which means they may have more than the usual wear and tear. They are sturdy and look like they're up to the task!
By Jake Bullard January 25, 2018
Color: Black1 | Verified Purchase
Wow, what an excellent set of headphones! They feel and sound much better than the $30ish bucks I paid. The materials feel nice and very sturdy. The Bluetooth 4.1 is really nice because it solves issues with 4g interference on the older BT devices. It also takes over the volume on phone, meaning you don't have 2 volume controls to manage. The headset and the phone are in sync. Also it shows the battery life in the upper corner. I'll update this review if I have any problems!

Update: It's almost been a full year since I bought these and they have been awesome! I use them several times a week often for hours on end. They work perfectly and are still in like new condition. I've even used them on the plane several times and they work fine for that (although if you fly a lot there are better choices). Overall I would definitely buy them again and would buy other Tribit products based on this one.
By gady March 1, 2018
Color: Black1 | Verified Purchase
great sound, durable, long battery, connect fast
By T March 7, 2018
Color: Black1 | Verified Purchase
Easy to use and comfortable to wear.
By AMG March 15, 2018
Color: Black1 | Verified Purchase
Easy to pair and reconnect. The controls take up the entire surface of one earpiece. No more fumbling with tiny controls, or squinting for tiny lights.

UPDATE 11/17/2019: Stopped charging -- connector gave out. Even though outside warranty period, Tribit offered a replacement.
By Charlie Bennett March 21, 2018
Color: Black1 | Verified Purchase
Stylish and minimal design, these on-ear headphones don't look bulky at all, unlike most over-the-ear headphones. The battery lasts a really long time. The sound is pretty decent and balanced. The pause button on the side is a really nice feature. I've only worn them for 45-minutes at a time, but they are very comfortable.
By Stephen Aforismo April 9, 2018
Color: Black1 | Verified Purchase
This is an update on these headphones. The vendor went way out of their way to make things right. They sent me another set of headphones even though I was Ok with using the first one with the 3.5m jack. The second set of headphones are holding a charge beautifully. I have only charged them once since the middle of June and they are still working fine on that one charge now near the end of July. Needless to say I am now rating them at 5 stars.

The headphones have a nice fidelity to them. I bought them in January, and didn't use them too much, but already they will not hold a charge. But since I can use the 3.5 jack, at least they can still be used. Considering that my laptop is directly in front of me when in use, using the 3.5 jack is not that big of a deal.
By Willygee April 15, 2018
Color: Black1 | Verified Purchase
Color: Black1 | Verified Purchase
Just received my headphones today. As a headphone enthusiast who owns well over 50 pairs at various price points including high end I have to say I am blown away by these. The sound of the these has exceeded all my expectations for this price and then some. So much in fact I could care less that they didn’t come with a case or carry bag. I hope they are as durable and last as strong as they sound...Coworkers and friends always come to me for headphone recommendations because it is a bit of obsession for me! I will most definitely be recommending these! This is my first review on Amazon and felt I needed to write one because I like them that much.
By Wendy Becerra - Rojas May 17, 2018
Color: Black1 | Verified Purchase
Love them. I started using them once they arrived. Pretty easy & simple to use. I also love the sound.
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