Technical specifications



Technical specifications



  • The Tribit X1 wireless earbuds offers dual 6mm dynamic speakers that deliver crystal clear sound with rock-solid bass. The reproduction across the whole musical spectrum is faithful, clean and crisp.

  • Speaker frequency range:20 Hz to 20 kHz

Fit & comfort

  • Headset form factor

  • Eargels

    3 sets of silicon eargels
  • Auto turn-on

    When taking earbuds out of charging case
  • Auto pause

    Auto pause when one earbud is taken out of the ear


  • Playtime

    Up to 3 hours of battery life, 15 hours with charging case
  • Charging time

    2 hours with dedicated charging case battery
  • Charging Case battery

    800mAh, it can charge about 5 times for earbuds


  • Bluetooth® standard

  • Bluetooth® 5.0

  • Wireless range

  • Up to 33 feet / 10 metres


  • Box content

  • Tribit X1

  • Charging Case

  • Ear Tips (S, M, L)

  • USB Cable

  • User Manual

  • Headset weight

  • Warranty

  • Weight:


  • 30 months (18 months product warranty plus extended 12months warranty program)

EAN : 6970684270096


How to easily power on and power off? Power on: Remove the earbuds from the charing case; Power off: Put the earbuds in charging case.
How to pair the Tribit X1 with bluetooth at the first time? Step1: Remove the earbuds from charging case; Step2: Activate bluetooth on your device; Step3: Select "Tribit X1" from bluetooth list.
How good is the sound ? Great, but there is a trick to it. You should try all the different ear tips to make sure you have the right fit.
One of the earbuds stopped working. How do I fix it? We do have 18 months worry-free warranty and you can register to be our website user for extra 12 months warranty. We are always out there to make it right and therefore please don’t hesitate to let us know your problem and order ID , via email on
How does it recharge up to four times on the go? If the charging case has been charged fully, you could put earbuds into charging case to charge for 5 times.
Can i use one of them? Yes. If you put the right earbud back in the case you can use the left one on its own. You cannot use the right earbud on its own.
Is there volume controls on earbuds. No. Each earpiece has 1 button on the side. These are used for pairing, and turning them on and off. You must use whatever device you have paired them to in order to control the volume.

Tribit X1 True Wireless Earbuds

Tribit X1 True Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooth 5.0 Deep Bass 18H Playtime, 3D Stereo Sound Wireless Headphones


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Reviews On Amazon

By Wira w. 2020年5月10日に日本でレビュー済み
| Verified Purchase
By W. Kwok Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
I've played with this wireless bluetooth earbud set for a few weeks now and I really like it. I've taken it on a few flights from the west coast to east coast and found that a full battery charge will get me about 3-4 hours of full use. The storage case also acts as a standalone charger. The earbuds light up when charging and lights go off once it is fully charged.

The vocal announcements are a nice touch. When it is first turned on, there is also an announcement that the power is on. If you manually power it off, an announcement will also notify you that it is powering off. There is an audio announcement by a female voice when the battery is low and even a warning before it's so low that the earset must power itself off.

Pairing is easy. You will see Tribit X1. Even though both sides usually turn on pairing just by powering the left side, sometimes you have to turn on the right side to get full stereo sound. The set will automatically repair with the last device when you turn it on.

Sound is remarkably acceptable for a bluetooth headset. The earbuds block enough sound that I would have to remove them if someone were talking to me while I am playing music. I was surprised that I was able to hear details in my music usually only reserved for my wired headsets. Keep in mind that this is a $50 bluetooth set, so don't expect performance and details on the level of something like the Shure SE846-CL, which I also own. That would be like expecting Ferrari performance from a Toyota Camry. Still, there is just enough bass and quality stereo separation when I need a casual set of buds to power my sound, movies, or workouts.

Overall, these earbuds are a great value. They look sleek, sound great, and have fair battery life. They aren't the top of the line bluetooth set but for the price they provide a reasonable value for casual use.
By 333 2020年5月2日に日本でレビュー済み
| Verified Purchase
By さかな 2020年4月2日に日本でレビュー済み
| Verified Purchase
この価格で、この音質は素晴らしいと思います…:( ;'꒳`;):欠点は音楽を聴いてる時に少し、サーっとノイズが入るくらいですね。
By 葉名 2020年3月10日に日本でレビュー済み
| Verified Purchase
By UK 2019年12月9日に日本でレビュー済み
| Verified Purchase
By いそのわかめ 2019年8月16日に日本でレビュー済み
| Verified Purchase

By よっしー 2019年9月4日に日本でレビュー済み
| Verified Purchase
By ASNARO 2019年9月8日に日本でレビュー済み
| Verified Purchase
1. コンパクトなデザイン。
2. 装着感が良い。
3. 耳に優しいなめらかな音質。
4. ボーカルが良く聞こえる。

1. 再生時間が短い。
2. 音質が迫力に欠ける。
3. 通信品質が普通で、少し途切れやすい。

By Penny Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
These are awesome and amazing wireless ear buds. They feel very comfortable and are quite small so they nearly fit inside my ear with very little showing. They fit so well that I can run or exercise without them loosening up or falling out. The sound is phenomenal with deep rich bass and excellent mid/high mix. I love the 1-button multi-touch control which allows you to do everything from either earbud. Another great feature is you can use just one if you want to so you can hear the outside world while still enjoying music or talking on my cell phone. The case has a built in charger which can charge the buds up to 8 times! These are the coolest ear buds I've ever owned and they are ones you definitely should consider buying if you're looking for quality sound in a tiny 1 inch by 1 inch carry case. When you remove them from the case they automatically connect instantly. Bluetooth 5.0 is an very high tech improvement. Wow I never seen my iPad find a BT device so fast, very impressive. I love them and I think you will love them too...
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