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By George Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
| Verified Purchase
For the price these are good headphones, comfortable and durable and good sound quality. Have worn them through multiple exam seasons during university, would buy again.
By Rob M Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Red | Verified Purchase
These closed-back headphones are promoted as having, 'passive noise cancellation' which is just another way of saying they will muffle outside sounds by way of physical design and contain no active noise cancelling capabilities.
For real noise cancellation try Anker Hybrid Noise Cancelling BT cans for about $60.

That said, I'm a user who's had a dozen sets of cans for everything from sound mixing to casual music listening. My experiences range from Audiophile Quality Studio cans to high end noise cancellers to cheap, awful sounding earbuds.

For their retail price (under $35) they are the Best Value in folding Headphones I've encountered in terms of my priorities: Sound Quality, overall comfort, durable build, simple intuitive controls. They are as good as non-folding models in many respects, adjust easily and offer a very good fit (for my medium sized head) which is the strong suit of the non-folding types. (Folding just makes them easier to pack up and take on the road.)

My standards for sound quality are simple - a decent balance from the Treble, Mids and Bass spectrum as well as a pleasant overall non-fatiguing listening experience. While these are not going to compete with $300 high quality headphones they easily surpass many $100 plus sets while incorporating favorable design elements found in the upper end products.
Sound quality is good to very good depending on your preferences. They are intended to deliver impressive bass and won't disappoint the bassheads. Knocking the bass way down on my phone EQ revealed very pleasant mids and highs. They aren't neutral or high end but they sound very good to me for casual listening and are an unrivaled bargain when compared to similarly priced cans.

Comfort is also good to very good with a traditional, steel reinforced well padded (at the top) head band design. The over-the-ear cups are soft with reasonable padding, and a bit rounder than others I've used - and a better shape for those with smaller ears like me achieving a nearly 'around -the- ear' fit.
The clamping force of the headband is good - snug but not tight on my head, which is my preference. The ear cup material is a typical soft vinyl with foam backing

Durability is very good with a steel reinforced double-hinge design that provides a quality feel to the folding action. They fold easily and fit nicely in their semi hard-case they came in - a nice bonus at this price. They don't swivel, rotate or have the articulating arms of higher end models but that frill feature makes them less prone to breaking as some higher end Headphones fail at these unnecessary stress points - a wise omission IMO.

The Simple controls are logical, easy to use and have a 'feel' aspect to their actions - which helps making adjustments when the headphones are worn. There aren't a lot of frill features here but the expected ones; Volume adjustment, music pause, phone call answering/rejecting, music resuming, are provided in a logical form.

The Bluetooth version at this time is BT 4.1 with Impedance of 32 ohms allowing for loud volumes but not deafening levels from cell phone sources. I can imagine a BT 5.0 version being made as an improvement but in this form these are an excellent value and good choice for those looking for Jacked up Bass, Very Good Sound Quality, durable build, comfort and basic functionality at a price point under $40.
By FERRETTIDM Revisado en España el 30 de mayo
Color: Negro | Verified Purchase
Totalmente satisfecho con la compra, gran calidad en el audio.
By Zechert Rezension aus Deutschland vom 30
Farbe: Schwarz | Verified Purchase
Muss schon sagen, die Kopfhörer sind echt hammer. Mega geiler Klang und preisleistungsmäßig einfach top und wohl kaum zu schlagen.
By simon Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
Colour Name: black | Verified Purchase
I have always used Sennheiser headphones for me as they offer the best quality sound from any headphones I have tried, however the price of those seems to be going up and up so after much searching of the reviews I thought I'd give these a try and.... Wow the sound quality is amazing, I only paid £25 for these and would most definitely recommend, in fact, they are on par with my Sennheiser headphones which have seen better days, for a budget pair of headphones you can't beat these for sound quality, I thought this would be a gamble trying these and i'm happy to say the gamble paid off!
By Anna Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
Colour Name: black | Verified Purchase
Pro - good sound, clear, connects up right away

Con - tiny bit big on my head
By Amazon Customer Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
Colour Name: black | Verified Purchase
So my Tribit headphones turned up today and tbh I wasn't expecting them to as good as they where but...
Holy cow they are good, the sound is amazing from the drivers straight out of the box, I reckon that once I have bed them in its only going to get better.
The base strong but not over powering, the mids come through well and the treble balances well with the mid and base without being too full on, there's also no hiss when it's connected and no media playing.
The sound quality is way beyond what a seat headphones this price should cost..
Call quality is good with not much background noise.
Pairing is almost instant after the initial pair which was very easy.
Passive noise cancelling is good but you can still hear the world around you a bit over the music at low levels whcihis spot on for me as ANC makes me feel like I'm in a small box.
Range isn't bad, prob 10m as they suggest but I'm ok with that.
There is no (or none that I can see up close) latency watching videos from Netflix
Fit is comfortable, a bit hot around the ears but is to be expected since synthetic and the weight is a bit heavy but not insane.
Jack is a nice addition too for flying etc..
All in all for the £30 they are currently (or less in a deal like I got) asking for they are amazing.. and if your in the market for some over ears and don't want to spend ££££'s or want to try over ears and don't want to fork out loads to find out they aren't your thing, you can't go wrong with these..
By mdmbow Reviewed in Canada on May 30, 20
Color Name: Black | Verified Purchase
I bought these headphones for my husband to watch TV in the early morning when the rest of the family is still asleep. They're exactly what he was looking for. We bought and returned many other pairs. The biggest issue with the other pairs is that they were not as described and too small (making them extremely uncomfortable). That's not the case with these - the quality is great, they fit perfectly and are so comfortable he can wear them for hours. The battery life is also amazing. He charges them about once a week. We were so happy with this produce, we ended up buying a second pair for our daughter so she can be on her tablet anywhere in the house. If I were to make one recommendation, it would be to provide a longer (min. 3 ft) charging cable.
Love these headphones!
By Maria Pena Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
All I can say is WOW! These headphones have an impressive sound for the price. I am blown away. I used them for a cardio workout with some light running and they were great! The range on the bluetooth is also amazing!
By Mike Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
I have purchased many headphones that were much more expensive than these that didn't perform as good as these. They are very loud and holds a long charge. I have purchased 2 so I can rotate them out after a couple of movies. Most of the time, I get about 6 - 8 hours out of them before needing to recharge.
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