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By Giuseppe Recensito in Italia il 26 marzo
Colore: Nero | Verified Purchase
Ottimo prodotto al prezzo pagato non credo ci sia di meglio suono pulito anche per chi ha qualche pretesa in più del comune. Superiori anche alle Mpow h7.Peccato per il design un po ingombrante
By Alessandra Ahrel Rezension aus Deutschland vom 26
Farbe: Schwarz | Verified Purchase
Very worth the money. You won’t regret it.
By Turbo Toni Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
Colour: black | Verified Purchase
I would pay double the price for this level of quality.

I was looking for a comfortable headset to use whilst working from home to pair with my Mac and settle down into self isolation. The current budget pair I am using is the Sephia S6 headphones which, although they have an acceptable sound for the price point, have no real adjustment in the ear muffs and therefore get tiring to wear for 2 hour long meetings. The Tribits are true over ear headphones (much like the Sony WH-1000XM3) with a very comfortable padded surround. The sound quality is amazing for the price point, with the bass tuned low as to avoid the cheap sounding boomy bass you get from some bass heavy headphones (I love bass!).

I had a couple of technical issues, but Tribits customer service is awesome and has been replying (over a whole email conversation) in good time with helpful guidance.

The build quality of these things feels like they'll last just as long as the Sonys, and even though they don't have the active noise cancellation, the passive noise isolation they provide is impressive.
By McKayla Henderson Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
great price. great for extended wear. cancels out only quiet noises, but still work well.
By Rachel Frohriep Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Exactly what I wanted when looking for bluetooth headphones, especially given that I only have to charge them every other week or so for how much I use them.
- I did drop them off a very high table onto the floor and was a little worried they'd broken but they held up fantastic and the only difference is that sometimes the audio connects a little quieter but after a reboot they're back to normal. 10/10
By Radikar Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Overall, I'm very pleased with the headphones. Once fully charged, I synced it to my phone and it worked right away. Perfect timing, as I'm home remodeling and it's been great for hands free music to drown out the loud noise from the remodeling (obviously wouldn't negate all of the noise produced, but close enough). Battery hasn't even gone out yet, and I've been using it for several hours now. Would definitely recommend.
By Alex Kong Reviewed in Canada on March 22,
Colour: Black | Verified Purchase
They are a bit bulky, but the sound is good, they are portable on a backpack, the battery lasts a long time and if it dies you can use the cable.
By Frequent user Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Surfing the web
By nick Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
Had it for about 2 months. So far works great. I would give it 9/10. They last a long time before you have to recharge them. I’ve watched 5 movies no problem and I would recharge after that, but not because I had too, because I didn’t wanna get caught without batteries next time. I’m sure I could watch 10-15 movies (2hrs each) without needing to recharge. Noise from outside is pretty low to non existent do to them covering the whole ear. No complaints. Also distance is at least 7-10 feet, that’s all I needed, I’m sure they could go further. For the price you won’t find better ones.
By Kelsey Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Red | Verified Purchase
Great battery life and very comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. Bought one pair and then bought another a few months later for a friend.
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