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By Mat Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
Colour Name: black | Verified Purchase
Got these a few months ago, loved them. After having an issue with my first order Tribit is sending me a replacement. That's what I call fantastic customer service.
By Paul Litherland Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
| Verified Purchase
Good value for money
By Gran B Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
Colour Name: black | Verified Purchase
Bought these for hubby to listen to the football commentary on while I watch tv he loves them. No silly cables to tangle up & the Bluetooth connects brilliantly.
By R Holder Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
Colour Name: black | Verified Purchase
Tribit are amazing
By Paul Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
I love these headphones. I bought them a little over a year ago when my old headphones broke (different brand). The first thing I noticed about this new pair is that I can wear them all day long without feeling any discomfort, which was a huge improvement over my previous pair which used to pinch my ears against my glasses.

This new pair did just break, but I contacted Tribit and they are sending me a replacement pair no questions asked, which led me to write this review. They lasted pretty long considering I use them for at least 8 hours a day almost every single day, including while doing yardwork outside under the hot sun and the fact that I've dropped them probably dozens of times.

The battery life is outstanding. I typically go a few days between charging, and usually I only charge for a few minutes at a time. If I charged it fully each time, I could probably charge once a week. And they charge really quickly! Usually when the battery is low, I'll charge for 5 minutes and that easily gets me through the rest of the day.

These headphones are pretty durable. I do have one complaint here: the tension eventually wears out. I noticed this when trying on my wife's pair recently, which are much newer and less used: I can look down and shake my head and they stay snug tight, but with my pair, they will slip off as soon as I look down.

As far as the audio quality is concerned, they sound great to me, but I'm not an audiophile so I'm not the best judge of this.

I use these headphones for teleconferencing and I've never heard people complain about not being able to hear me clearly, so I take it the microphone works well.

They do a great job at blocking out noise. This, of course, can be a plus or a minus depending on how well you want to be able to hear what's going on around you, but I love it.

They have just a few buttons: on/off (which doubles as a play/pause), and volume up and down. I don't really have any complaints about the buttons.

This is a small thing, but the aux cable that comes with them is great. It is a braided nylon cable and it *never* gets tangled, it's amazing. I don't know if this is a new invention, but I don't remember seeing cables like this before a couple years ago and now I wish all my cables were made of this material. I used to accept it as a fact of life that aux wires get tangled as soon as you put them down. My only complaint about the cable is that it is a tad short, about 4 feet.

I'm really glad I got these headphones and I highly recommend them. They were less expensive than my previous pair and superior in pretty much every regard.
By Bernd W. Herrmann Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Red | Verified Purchase
To begin with, no two folks may agree with what they perceive to be the sound qualities of particular audio instruments, and headphones are certainly no different. With headphones, we are left with results that are determined by our hearing abilities (which are affected by age to be sure), and our anticipation levels. In addition, the types of music listened to often leave an impression - and oftentimes incorrectly so. Those listening to hard rock or heavy metal with their mids and higher frequencies amped up somewhat, may state that a particular headphone is too bright or too harsh sounding. Others listening to other genres of music with less high frequency or bass energy may state that the headphones don't have enough treble (or bass) - again, go figure?

Having stated that, I've been on a recent kick to test out various inexpensive headphones, ranging from the ridiculously inexpensive KOSS KSC 75 and KPH 30 models, to the more expensive 1MORE Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphones (Titanium). Yes, I also own far more expensive Planars, but as I mentioned, my interest levels have been piqued recently with various inexpensive models that give the far more expensive big boys a run for their money.

Now enter the Tribit XFree Tune Bluetooth Headphones. I happened upon several reviews of this particular headphone - all raving of course - and that got me to pull the trigger and try them out as a matter of curiosity. And boy, was I glad that I did! I personally never heard of the Tribit brand, so prior to receiving them, I assumed (wrongly so) that they'd just be another Asian knock-off of a well regarded brand. But nothing could be further from the truth.

First of all, the XFree Tune headphones are a bit smaller than most you see with similar designs. They appear well constructed (far better than the price would suggest) and they have removable 3.5 MM headphone cables (whoppee). The only thing I could criticize are the cheap (flimsy) 3.5 MM and USB cables provided with the kit. But most serious (various) headphone users tend to upgrade their cables anyway. In addition, you get a case (not cheap bag) to house them when not using - the quality of which is the type you'd find with headphones costing $200 - $250 and above, which is a nice accessory to have.

Now, I normally don't try the blue tooth functions of headphones because I'm looking for the best way to listen to music by my desktop system and that is via cable. Suffice it to say, blue tooth works just fine with this headphone and I had no issues with it while walking around the house. The BT sound quality is fine - but easily eclipsed when connected via cord. I switched out the flimsy 3.5 MM cord provided and using a 6' Kabel Direct 3.5 MM version.

As for the sound quality (which can be striking) - overall, a very nice balance, with impressive bass capabilities - that is, deep, immersive, and most of all...tight! Mids and highs were rendered superbly without coloration. I tend to listen mostly to classical, large orchestral, and jazz music, which is often the best way to evaluate audio due to the numbers of instruments involved. Of particular note was how the X-Free Tune handled cymbals. Try 10 different headphones (or speakers for that matter) and you'll hear 10 different ways that cymbals are represented - some a bit more harshly, others attenuating them somewhat, while some may overly accentuate them. With the X-Free Tune, cymbals were rendered with a clean, pristine sizzle the way you would hear them in a live performance, and I cannot often state that about other headphones. Now I am 72 years of age, so my high frequency roll-off begins at around 10K, and I found the mids and highs to be perfectly balanced. Horns, bugles, and trumpets had that realistic bite that you hear at a live performance. Getting back to bass, listening to bass on the X-Free Tune, you get the feeling that you are listening (and feeling) the effects of a subwoofer - now go figure? How is that possible?

As for the fit, on my head, which is more roundish (think pumpkin head), they fit just fine. Although smaller than many other headphones in this design range, the cups covered my ears perfectly.

So in the end, I was positively stunned. I kept thinking to myself that these things should cost at least a $100 or more as they easily keep up with the big boys in a number of ways.

So yes, I gave 'em 5 stars considering what they cost, and the resultant performance levels you get for such an inexpensive price. Highly, highly recommended!!! This is a keeper and will stay in my collection, and that's saying quite a bit from my perspective.

Have a great day everyone!!!!
By John Claudio Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
I've had this pair of headphones for a while and I paired it with the TaoTronics Portable Bluetooth Transmitter for when I couldn't connect by bluetooth to my PC or smart television. The one problem I had was that I had to replace the original cable when I had an accident that bent the input.
By Deyan Revisado en Espa帽a el 20 de sept
Color: Negro | Verified Purchase
Los compr茅 hace unos meses y me han ido de maravilla. La calidad de audio es muy buena y la bater铆a dura mucho, los uso todos los d铆as y los cargo como mucho una vez a la semana, a veces cada dos. Volver铆a a comprarlos sin duda. Ademas te dan 18 meses de garant铆a para cambiarlos por si falla algo. Tuve un problema y dejaron de encenderse, contact茅 con atenci贸n al cliente y me han enviado unos nuevos gratis.

Otra cosa, la caja con la que vienen es de muy buena calidad.
By rw Reviewed in Canada on September
Color Name: Black | Verified Purchase
Treble is very good stays clean at 100% volume ,bass gets muddy after 80% volume .These are loud i mean very loud.80% volume is more than enough. Noise cancelation is there but not great just good enough.I use these for gaming on my desktop bought an Aventree leaf dongle .0% latency with the Leaf. Games, music, videos awesome .Microphone works in Teamspeak with Dongle .Its an awesome microphone crystal clear in Teamspeak .I use these indoors only .These are very light at 225 grams .like any headset there is a break in period to get use to them .They are sweaty but otherwise very comfortable clamping preassure is very good. They do not slide off unlike wireless gaming headset .Been a week and no complaints for $42.00 Canadian i will buy them again and again .Please consider these over overpriced wireless gaming headsets don't care who makes them had Sennheiser, corsair, Logitech 3 to 6 times the price these are better in every way. just get the Aventree leaf dongle pairs with a press of the dongle button .Oh and they come with a hard case nice.
By AlexTheBamboozler Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Black | Verified Purchase
These are fantastic over-ear headphones for the price! I've been using them for months and I would definitely buy them again! The sound is balanced and the bass is fine. Are these as good as Sanheisers? Probably not. But they're a value that just can't be beat with audio quality that's comparable to more expensive sets. The bluetooth works well too and the battery life on one charge is surprisingly long.
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