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By Grayzie Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
First time to try a portable bluetooth speaker and I was excited when the package arrived. I'm a music lover and looking for this kind of bluetooth speaker and happy to used it. My son always want to listen nursery rhyme and he loves it using this. Connection was stable and easy to connect bluetooth on phone. Very clear when I used while cooking, cleaning, dancing etc. You can't be bored if you need to listen songs everywhere. Using this for 2 days and battery is great. For the price I've been satisfied with this purchase.Great portable speaker.Volume and sound quality are excellent. My eldest wants another one for him. This is a good gift for a family member or friends.
By E. W. Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
 We absolutely love this Bluetooth speaker,
It’s portable, light weight, easy to use, connects in seconds to the phone.
The sounds is so good and clear. It’s very high quality. (Check video) we were only at level 4-5 and still goes higher however we have never been able to play at it’s loudest. It can go really high volume. It charges in couple of hours, battery is ok, it last about 5 days of about an hour or two use each day before it required to be charged again.
Overall, we are very satisfied with the purchase and highly recommend it if you are looking for an affordable, yet high quality item.
By MAX Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
I love this thing. Very good speaker. Excellent bass and battery life and good quality at high volume for something so small. Perfect for travelling or garden parties.
By Mr Bean Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
 Such a small speaker with powerful sounds. In my opinion, it is well-balanced on highs, mids, and lows. It is somewhat heavy for its size, which gives me the reason why it's giving off good quality sound. It's a great product and a worthy investment.
By Noemi a rivera-grey Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
Love the sound, easy blue tooth set up. Will buy again!
By Navdeep Gaba Reviewed in Canada on August 8,
| Verified Purchase
Sounds good. Definitely better then expected for the price point
By Andy Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
This is a very cost-effective product. It's not expensive, but it doesn't sound bad at all. And small volume, go out when carrying really super convenient! It's so nice to play music every day now。
By Neilsen t Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
This speaker sounds very good for the cost!
I bought this to use by the pool and it is loud enough to hear on the other side
I accidentally dropped it in the water as well.. still works
So far used it twice by the pool and the battery is still good
By Xin Tan Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
good sound quality. I like to use it when I am cooking, it really a good company for me
By Wutang Reviewed in the United States on
| Verified Purchase
I wanted a small speaker to play music at home since we're all working from these days. I was looking around for different speakers and I came down to this one (Tribit Xsound Surf) or the Anker Soundcore 2. The 2 major reasons I ended up choosing this speaker is:
1. USB-C charging
2. Ability to rewind the track

Initial thoughts:
Nice packaging without too much excess waste. It came with USB-A to USB-C charging cord. Connecting the speaker to your phone is easy. Pairing a second phone, you just need to pretty the bluetooth signal, wait for the light to flash can begin your pair process. Sound is loud and clear in my living room - I got about 20ft away and the speaker was able fill the space. It did get a little muddled when I cranked it up to 100% but I'm not sure of any speaker that doesn't do that - it could possibly get better over time when the speaker breaks in. I haven't tested the battery life yet but will update this review when I do. I also haven't dunked it underwater though I don't really have any plans to have it around a lot of water, possibly the wettest it will get is if I spill coffee or water on it on my desk.

One big surprise is how heavy this sucker is. I'm not sure if it's the battery or the internals for the speaker but it's heavier than you'd think it is. It's still a very portal speaker and I wouldn't say the weight should deter you more of it was a bit of a surprise. I think it would have been a nice touch to get a 3.5mm to 3.5mm cord included but for the price, I think it's ok.

So far, I'm very happy with the product.
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