Survives Water. Survives Dust.

IPX7 ensures peace of mind. XSound Surf is waterproof to be immersed in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. With robust built-in quality, this speaker is your all-purpose, all-weather companion.

Technical specifications
  • Output power

    • 2X6W

  • Connectivity

    • Bluetooth Version:


    • Wireless Range:

      Up to 100 feet / 30 meters

  • Battery

    • Model:

      Lithium ion

    • Capacity:

      3.7V 2200mAh

    • Playtime:

      Up to 10 hours

    • Charging time:


  • General

    • Dimensions:

      178mm x 57mm x 54mm

    • Weight


Reviews On Amazon

By Navdeep Gaba Reviewed in Canada on August 8,
| Verified Purchase
Sounds good. Definitely better then expected for the price point
By Amazon Customer Reviewed in Canada on August 6,
| Verified Purchase
Works as advertised. Simple to use and good sound quality for outside on the patio without being too loud and annoying the neighbours.
By Keith Reviewed in Canada on August 3,
| Verified Purchase
Great sound for the price
By Mcez Reviewed in Canada on July 22, 2
| Verified Purchase
By Kevin Etkins Reviewed in Canada on July 22, 2
| Verified Purchase
Speaker arrived a few days ago and I connected to it just to make sure it worked. The set up was very easy. Today I actually listened to music on it. To be brutally honest, I didn't have much in terms of expectations. I needed something that I can take on the deck or the porch that was better than my cellphone speakers. But I did watch YouTube videos to get an idea of what I was getting. There was nothing on this model just the XS which is what I made my buying decision on.

Well, I got a bit of a surprise. For one, the sound was great. If you are lucky to have an older Chromecast audio and connect it to other speakers...even better. It's really light with a simple and functional design. What sold me was the Bluetooth 5.0 and the USB-C connection.

Sound is really good. Now, the bass is punchy but be mindful of your expectations. These drivers are not going to give you the thumping bass of a home audio set up but does offer clarity and a full range of sound. Chromecast allows a great sound because it uses WiFi and in my experience WiFi always gives a better sound. If you have ever used Android Auto you know what I'm saying. On this device you will not be able to hear that distinction, the Bluetooth is solid and the range is far better than prior Bluetooth versions.

I've listed to all genres of music and I found the speaker to adapt to all. Overall this speaker is perfect for its application and the sound is what you might expect from a larger speaker. You can play it while it's plugged in.

I'm happy with the purchase and I am looking to get another speaker for a fuller sound experience. When I do have that second speaker I'm going to update this review on the connectivity using the TWS and sound characteristics.
By R. Montemiglio Reviewed in Canada on July 20, 2
| Verified Purchase
A great outdoor speaker fairly small but with a BIG sound.
By Brian A Lamacraft Reviewed in Canada on July 21, 2
| Verified Purchase
Pretty impressed with the sound out of this. I wasn't expecting much for this price, but it sounds good. It connected fast and I'm happy with it. Charging cable is a bit short.
By Kalec Stromhir Reviewed in Canada on July 20, 2
| Verified Purchase
Needed a new speaker. Wanted BT5.0 and USB-C, to make charging easier with one cable and charger.
Surf did not charge or work with my Pixel 3A PD charger. Tried a different PD charger and will not work.
So now, have to use a different cable and charger.
Better option would be a larger battery from 2200mah and a hook to hang.
Overall the sound is fantastic and fills a small room at low volume at about 30%\

Spoke with Tribit about charging issue with PD chargers. They have been very helpful and mentioned they will hopefully fix this on future versions and other fixes.
Changing from 3 too 4 star. just only lack of PD charging. Rest is great.