MaxSound Plus

Take your Bass to the Max

MaxSound Plus

Take your Bass to the Max

Extra Bass

Tribit’s proprietary XBass technology adds energy to your music. Two passive radiators release low-end bass that is dimensional and controlled. Use the dedicated button “XBass” to deepen your pulse.

Tribit’s proprietary XBass technology adds energy to your music. Two passive radiators release low-end bass that is dimensional and controlled. Use the dedicated button “XBass” to deepen your pulse.

24W of Fidelity

The MaxSound delivers a 24W of clarity, power, and fidelity. The pair of 12W drivers enhances music across the spectrum, giving life to every track, sans the distortion.

The MaxSound delivers a 24W of clarity, power, and fidelity. The pair of 12W drivers enhances music across the spectrum, giving life to every track, sans the distortion.

Which one is right for you?

Our two portable speakers are similar. There’s an XSound Go and MaxSound Plus, which plays louder and includes XBASS button for an enormous volume boost.

Our two portable speakers are similar. There’s an XSound Go and MaxSound Plus, which plays louder and includes XBASS button for an enormous volume boost.

IPX7 Waterproof

Weather the elements. The durable build of the MaxSound Plus carries an IPX7 waterproof rating letting you play anywhere, rain or shine.

20 Hour Playback

A single charge of the MaxSound Plus gives you 20 hours of playtime. Use a USB cable to plug into and recharge the Lithium-ion battery.

Extended Portability

The MaxSound Plus is the definition of portability. With every port you need, IPX7 waterproofing, 20 hours of battery life, and Bluetooth connectivity, the MaxSound Plus lets the music follow.

Effortless Connectivity

Connect your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity to the MaxSound Plus up to 100 ft. Free yourself from the wires.



  • Black

Bluetooth version

  • V4.2

Bluetooth profile


Driver size

  • 2 x Φ45mm Passive radiator

Output power

  • 2 x 12W

Signal-to-noise ratio

  • ≥80dB

Frequency response

  • 80-20KHz


  • 7.4V, 2200mAh

Music play time

  • Up to 20 hours (varies by volume level and music files)

Charging time

  • 4 hours @ 5V/1.5A

Dimensions (H x W x D)

  • 65 x 198 x 68(mm) / 2.56 x 7.79 x 2.68 in


  • 595g / 20.98oz


  • 1* Tribit Bluetooth Speaker
  • 1* Micro USB Cable
  • 1* Black Lanyard
  • 1* User Manual
  • 1* Audio Line


  • 6952848673097

Reviews On Amazon

By January 26, 2019
| Verified Purchase
TOP NOTCH VALUE for what you recieve. This is really a step forward in what speakers of this size and price can do. I did not recieve a unit for this review, but I hope to, lol. Great job guys!
By January 27, 2019
| Verified Purchase
I did about a month researching numerous Bluetooth speakers, using Oluv’s Gadgets speaker comparison tool, and trying to find as many comprehensive and straightforward reviews as I could. I was operating on a budget, looking for something that could replace my OontZ Angle 3.

I liked the OontZ, but I also really enjoy a good punchy sound from smaller speakers. The Angle 3 got impressively loud, but always lacked a substantial kick unless placed on a specific kind of surface (I found the floor tom of my drum kit works great, but try lugging that into the office).

I found out about the MaxSound Plus a week or so before it became available, and with Tribit’s website giving me 30% off for signing up to get notified upon release, I thought it was a bargain.

A couple hours into listening to this speaker and I can assuredly say it’s worth the money, even if you do pay full price; I would have gladly splurged $50 on this thing (with my coupon, I paid around $35).

It is a small speaker, but the heft of it is satisfying. The normal mode does have a pronounced low end - nothing to make your heart thump, but it’s rock solid for a small speaker (I would say better than the Beats Pill+‘s soulless knock). Turning the XBass on is the equivalent feeling of popping your ears; it’s a rush of new frequencies you forgot you appreciated so much.

The battery life seems legit, as I’ve been listening to music and podcasts at moderate levels for the last two hours, and the battery meter hasn’t visibly gone down - it came out of the box with a 60% charge.

I do like that the volume is synchronized with my phone, so I don’t have to worry about what volume which device is at before playing. I live in a small apartment, and the connectivity has been flawless so far. The only thing I found strange is this speaker doesn’t take kindly to quick changes in volume - i.e. when I use the volume slider on my phone to ramp the sound up quickly, the speaker tends to stammer and lag a little bit. This is totally something I can deal with, but I’ve never heard another speaker act like this.

Bottom line though, the sound is brilliant for a small speaker, and I’m looking forward to months if not years of enjoyment out of this little guy.
By January 27, 2019
| Verified Purchase
speaker sounds audiophile very balanced great battery life a keeper !!
By January 27, 2019
| Verified Purchase
I was one of the 200 who got the discount, I was going to pass on this, but when I got the e-mail, I did not want to miss out, and I am glad I got it. For $39 (w/limited discount), it's a GOAT, even $56 is not bad for this. This is my new daily driver, it's pretty compact, but really pocketable but nice to travel with, especially with the lanyard. Water resistant too, ports are very well protected, my issue with the door is that it is very hard to open due to its recession but perhaps it's me but not a dealbreaker. So far, bluetooth is great, I experienced no latency with videos and the connection is stable, welcome tones are a bit too loud for me though. Sound quality is awesome for its size,it has some nice bass boost for low levels with XBass on and also at mid levels, the bass is nice (slight distortion with a few songs but not that bad, still cleaner than the XB30 at around 60-70% vol) and at high levels, it still has some nice bass. Also the mids and treble are pretty nice, nicely balanced with nice definition without it being harsh. Bass is nicely deep too, I did a bass test and went down to about 60hz more or less. Not a perfect speaker but for the price, it's pretty damn good and likely better than most others at this price and for $39, it's the GOAT. Highly recommend it. Not a boombox for huge bass but for the size, great and highly recommend it for a budget speaker
By January 28, 2019
| Verified Purchase
they sound good
By January 28, 2019
| Verified Purchase
Bought this after watching clavinetjunkie's review on YouTube. I had researched for about a week solid, at the end of my searching I came across clavinetjunkie's channel. I enjoyed watching his videos for a few days. Super detailed and informative videos and database of all he has tested! This one was to be released very soon. I decided to wait for it and I am glad I did.Its exactly as he described, very nice indeed! Very nice enjoyable sound in a small portable package. Day one and I am happy... update in the future. This one takes the cake.
I would recommend you run over and check out his channel atleast before you come to your conclusion.
By January 28, 2019
| Verified Purchase
Got it on Sunday, after ordering on Friday :) thanks amazon for fast shipping
Quality of the speaker is top notch. It’s heavy and very well build.
The sound is amazing for this tiny guy. Put it in the corner of your room and the bass grows even more!

For $40 it was a steal.
By January 29, 2019
| Verified Purchase
I own an original XSound Go and two XBoom’s, which I can daisy chain. I’ve been impressed with every speaker Tribit has released up until this point and this new MaxSound Plus is no exception.

The Plus has a well balanced, neutral and pleasing sound. It’s the improved big brother of the Go. The Plus is slightly larger in size and definitely heavier. When you hold both in your hands, you can definitely feel the difference in weight. I think the Go would be a better option portability wise. The Plus has rugged hard rubber exterior. Build quality is excellent.

The MaxSound gets plenty loud enough, but the most important point to mention—the music is well balanced. No scratchy treble or booming notes that are out of place in the sound signature. Just a well rounded sound. I think it’s important to note: Make sure you turn on the XBass feature, as this feature enhances the overall sound and adds a fuller note, especially at lower levels. You can listen to this speaker for hours without being fatigued.

I was introduced to the Tribit brand by clavinetjunkie’s YouTube channel. Oluv’s channel is great, because he focuses on quality of sound—not just how loud a speaker gets. Overall loudness, for the most part, doesn’t always equal great sound. I recommend you check out his channel. It will definitely help in your search for speakers.

My short take on each Tribit speaker I own:

XSound Go:

Still sounds great.
Best for portability.
Lowest price point.

MaxSound Plus:

Sounds the best.
Improved larger version of Go.
Mid price point.


Sounds great. 360 sound.
Ability to daisy chain two speakers.
Highest price point.

Just choose one of the speakers that matches your price point or listening environment. This MaxSound and their other speakers are an excellent value to price. There isn’t a compelling reason to purchase an overpriced name brand, with inferior sound quality.

I posted several pictures of the MaxSound and my other Tribit speakers for size comparison. You can see the size difference between the Go and the Plus. I purchased all of these speakers, except for one of the XBoom’s I won in a contest. My personal experience with the Tribit brand has been positive. This MaxSound Plus is definitely a keeper.
By January 29, 2019
| Verified Purchase
Edit: adding that 5th star as I continue to be impressed. I don't know if Television's Marquee Moon has ever sounded as taut, dynamic, and punchy as when I listened to it with this little speaker. Also I wanted to add the IKEA Eneby 20 and 30 to the bang-for-buck line up; lose portability, but provide much bigger sound!

Was turned on to this release by Oluv's early review. As a former vintage stereo enthusiast/audiophile, I can say this speaker does indeed have an excellent sound profile, very flat. Even frequencies and very clear. like the smaller Xsound Go (and most of Tribit's lineup) its better made/performing than the price would imply. A value at $55 (or $40 for us earlybirds).

That being said, there are some other bargain speakers to check out: the Doss Soundbox XL, at $60-$80 will give you much more sound and lower bass; will fill a small room. The Douni A5 at $60 splits the difference; more bass/volume than Maxsound, but not as clear even or present. Can distort at higher volumes, but a nice unit overall. And the Douni A7; really impressive low end for size, good at low volume if a bit muddled, comes alive around 80% where the mids/highs peak through. Its a great laptop companion for movies though, with a rumbly, mini home theater vibe.

I'd rate those 3 speakers, and now the Maxsound, as the absolute best values in low-cost BT speakers; But if you're looking for "hi-fi" type sound, buy the Maxsound Plus!
By January 29, 2019
| Verified Purchase
I was blown away how hi-fi this speaker sounds for such a price. Neutral sound, very accurate and crisp highs and mids. Bass is punchy and tight but not overly thumping. Overall very well balanced sound. It’s loud enough to fill a room but don’t expect to be throwing parties with it (it’s a portable speaker after all..)

My only con is bass tends to roll off at very low volumes of 25% or less. I wish there would be a slight bass boost at very low gains..but it’s not a deal breaker. I also wish you can do stereo pairing.
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