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By Mutale Reviewed in Canada on August 8,
Color Name: black | Verified Purchase
Great speaker and great sound. Will probably buy another one in the future.
By Fred Reviewed in Canada on August 8,
Color Name: black | Verified Purchase
I bought tons of Bluetooth speaker the last decade. But never paid more than 50$ because I was not sure to see any big difference. I have read all the review on Amazon and watched tons of others on YouTube. And I finally made the big jump.

One word : Amazing

Let's go with the review.

Simple but attractive package. Well packed. Nice instruction manual and warranty card ( 18 months)
Speaker look pretty solid and sturdy. Not cheap at all.

Built quality:
First it seems like a mix of the JBL Flip 4 and the UE BOOM but the result is awesome.
All the buttons are well-placed behind the unit except the Volume and MFB button to skip to the next track.
Behind: power button, x bass, pairing button and a nice battery indicator by 5 LED. And the secured trap for the charge or to plug a 3.5 mm jack.

The fabric material seem sturdy and the finish is 10/10

Easy as 123
The only downside is the Bluetooth 4.2 version. It will drain a little more battery than the 5.0. But I was able to be as far as 55 ft (16.76 m) with no signal loss.

Playback time
With the battery at 100%, I was able to achieve 17 hours of playtime with volume at 50% (believe me it's loud enough to fill a room with immersive sound).

Downside : No auto-off feature.

Sound Quality:
This is the area where this speaker is the big winner. Maybe it's not loud like the JBL or the EU BOOM but it doesn't distort at all at 100% volume.
Low are a little to low below 25% but crank it up to 50% and BOOOOM. The bass is amazing.
The mid and high stay clean and clear.

Downside : it's not a real 360 immersive sound. You will have to find the right spot in order to find the sound you prefer.

This speaker will be the right choice for any genre : rap, metal, classical...
For the price, I don't think you can find a better speaker.
If you have any doubt : go for it eyes closed.
This is a little gem

Thank you Tribit
By g manclark Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
Colour Name: Black | Verified Purchase
Excellent sound quality and range
By Gerald Angowitz Reviewed in the United States on
Color: black | Verified Purchase
Exceeded my expectations!! Trust you to deliver on your item description!!!
By Patrick Ganske Reviewed in Canada on August 8,
Color Name: Blue | Verified Purchase
As good as JBL but half the price.
By queen Elsa 21 Reviewed in the United Kingdom o
Colour Name: Black | Verified Purchase
Aside from the excellence of the product (sound quality, battery life, bass levels), I also recieved the most excellent customer service on another Tribit speaker which I had acquired but couldn't link as I wanted. I had several conversations with the support team who responded to all my questions promptly and in the end went way beyond their legal obligation to help me. A truly outstanding customer service experience and I will be more than happy to buy Tribit products in the future.
By Amazon カスタマー 2020年8月8日に日本でレビュー済み
色: ブラック | Verified Purchase
By Glenn Reviewed in the United States on
Color: Blue | Verified Purchase
Sound quality on these little speakers are AMAZING!! And for the price compared to a JBL speaker, or Ultimate Ears, or Bose; this speaker will go head to head with those speakers. I spent WEEKS researching these speakers as well as many others on Amazon, I was watching countless YouTube videos and countless reviews online about multiple speakers and I couldn’t be happier that I chose these, so let me save you the time and let you know that this speaker is A GREAT investment. I originally bought the blue one for $61.99 and I only bought one at first just to try it out to see how good the sound quality was, because even after the countless hours of research I did, I felt like I was still taking a gamble going with a cheaper speaker that I honestly never even heard of this brand before, but once it arrived, I instantly bought another speaker (the black one for $57.99) and paid for 2 days shipping so I could pair them together for complete surround sound as advertised in the description and pictures of the item. For the purpose of the review I put the two speakers next to each other just to take the picture of them, but I usually leave one speaker in my room and one speaker in my living room so it circulates the sound throughout my whole apartment and I can’t even put both speakers on full blast together because my landlord lives upstairs from me and can definitely hear the music blasting from the floor above me. These speakers are great, don’t hesitate to buy both if you’re looking for surround sound, but even buying just one speaker, YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED!!
By Vanayr Reviewed in the United States on
Color: black | Verified Purchase
For the money you just can’t go wrong. There are some minority better units, but at 5-6x the cost.
By Tomasz Kurkus Rezension aus Deutschland vom 6.
Farbe: Blau | Verified Purchase
Zaskakująco dobra jakośc dźwięku, w tym tonów niskich. Jak na tak niewielkich rozmiarów urządzenie, gra bardzo ładnie i moge polecić. Dodatkowo wodoszczelne. W cenie ok 50 eurasów nie wiem czy jest cos lepszego. Jak dla mnie jest ok - nie żałuję zakupu.
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