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By P. Bridgman August 22, 2018
| Verified Purchase
The speaker is well built using quality materials. The sound is very good and the volume should be more than adequate for most applications. It's not designed to be a speaker you would use for large outdoor parties. It seems to cover all the bases musically with punchy mids and detailed highs. Definitely worth the price paid.
By scjr August 22, 2018
| Verified Purchase
 When opening the Tribit XBoom packaging, my initial reaction was that the XBoom is a solidly built speaker and it’s suited for rugged environments. It’s also waterproof, so you can take it by the pool. There’s a USB cable and silicone carrying strap included as well.

Rugged good looks don’t matter without pleasing sound.

What I really like about this manufacturer is, they listen to their customers. There’s a reviewer on YouTube, clavinetjunkie, who’s an audiophile. He gave this company some recommendations to tweak the sound signature of the speaker. You now have a great sounding omnidirectional speaker. The XBoom sounds fantastic, to go along with it’s rugged functional looks.

I recorded a short video clip, with non copyrighted music called “Fade” by Alan Walker. This may not be the best quality, since it’s a phone recording, but it gives you an idea of the nice bass the speaker has. The speaker was placed on the floor while recording. I also posted a few photos as well. Hope this helps.

***** UPDATE after several days of usage:

Battery life has been excellent.

Build quality is awesome. Nothing cheap looking about this speaker.

Sound is well balanced and not boomy. By boomy, I mean a one note boom that overwhelms the sound. I own a JBL Charge 2 and it has that boomy sound, that detracts from overall sound signature. The treble of this speaker has sparkle and the bass is there, but does not dominate the sound.

The speaker is omnidirectional, so it functions better placed in the middle of a room. This way the sound is projected in all directions, as you move around. If you listen to XBoom in your room, you can adjust the speaker so one side is pointing in your direction. With this speaker, it’s important how you place it in your specific listening environment.

******Update #2:

I got another XBoom and used the daisy chain feature, where you can connect multiple speakers. It’s a simple process to connect the additional speakers. You can then place the speakers in different locations to expand the reach of your music. Really cool feature.
By Johnston Family August 22, 2018
| Verified Purchase
Since March 2018, I've ordered (3) Bluetooth speakers and returned each for one reason or another. I didn't just buy these willy-nilly, mind you, I did a lot of research, including watching countless audio review videos from such experts as clavinetjunkie on YouTube (look him up, he's a genius!).

The first one I bought was the Tribit XSound Go ($40). It was OK, but just lacked "punch." I really debated returning it, but in the end, it just didn't sound as deep and heavy as I wanted.

Next up was the JBL Flip 4 ($79.95). I decided maybe I needed to drop a little more money to get the sound I wanted. So, I doubled up and paid twice what I paid for the XSound Go. This speaker was good, and was a slight upgrade -- it had more bass and filled up the room better. However, after less than two months, it started just cutting in and out and dropping its Bluetooth connection. So annoying! The 30-day Amazon return window had closed, so I had to sell it on eBay at a loss of $25. Bummer, and also the last JBL I'll ever buy.

Next, I decided to buy (2) speakers; one for upstairs and one for down. I went with the OontZ Angle 3 ULTRA ($41.99/ea.). At first, I was satisfied with these, but after a couple weeks, I noticed just how tinny and tiny they sounded. No bass whatsoever and just not the type of machine you want to hear good music out of.

So, I went back to clavinetjunkie's page and was surprised to see a new and very positive review of the Tribit XBoom ($69.99). This speaker had yet to drop, with only pre-orders available on Amazon. In fact, no one on the internet even had anything about it save for clavinetjunkie's video. I watched the video about three times and then waited and checked by the hour until the speaker finally went live on Amazon. I snatched that joker up the second I saw it was available and spent the next two days with an electric giddiness coursing through my body in anticipation.

REVIEW: So, I opened the Amazon box about 10 minutes ago, paired up my phone and put on some ZZ Top and Jason Mraz (don't judge). The verdict? This thing sounds amazing! Like, at every volume, low, high and in-between, it sounds crisp, deep and has that "punch" I was looking for. I think this is it -- I've found my forever speaker. I could not be happier. Well, except for one small thing...

Unlike every other Bluetooth device I have, this is the only one that doesn't show its battery life on my phone's Bluetooth notification panel (Google Pixel 2 XL with the latest version of Android). It's not a deal breaker, but I just don't understand how something brand new with Bluetooth 4.2 doesn't have this. It's really helpful to know when you have to charge something before leaving the house or just in general. Maybe Tribit will address this with a firmware update.

Anyway, I highly suggest this, and even though I've only had it for, like, 15 minutes now, I am very satisfied.

UPDATE: I had a couple issues with my speaker, but Tribit's Customer Service Department went above and beyond to assist me. Highly recommend this product!
By Miguel August 23, 2018
| Verified Purchase
Absolutely amazing sound at a great price.
I own a jbl Flip 4 and a Bose Soundlink Micro and can say without a doubt that the sound this speaker produces is superior to both.
Tribit manages a well balanced sound on this speaker and manages to hold its integrity at even the highest volume while the jbl lacks bass once you turn the volume all the way up.
The IPX 7 rating may not mean much to some but for those that like to listen to music outdoors it is a must have. Being able to submerge it in 3 ft of water for up to 30 mins adds peace of mind. Not that you would, but you could.
The carrying strap makes it easy to latch on to almost anything. Very convenient.
Overall a phenomenal speaker.
By jeffrey patrick ryan August 24, 2018
| Verified Purchase
After testing speakers in stores I was leaning toward a Bose model, however after reading reviews on this company I decided to give it a try. I have to say I was blown away by every aspect of this speaker. It has great clarity, volume, bass, and overall sound. I bought the X Sound Go as well to try both, although the smaller 12w unit is great as well, the X Boom is outstanding. I must say I think it is better than most of the $200 models I was looking at in stores. Very impressed with this product and highly recommend it.
By Keith miller August 28, 2018
| Verified Purchase
The speaker sounds incredible the bases just unreal it will last all night long playing. This is without a doubt one of the best speakers I've ever bought.
By Dauneric0 August 29, 2018
| Verified Purchase
For being a 360 degree speaker like the UE boom products I had a low expectation for bass and sound dispersion, but this speaker blew all my doubts away rather quickly. I am now considering getting another to replace my aging Sony speakers
By Groch August 30, 2018
| Verified Purchase
I also have a Tribit X-Sound Go so can provide a comparison.

First, they both have a balanced sound that is as true to the original as can be expected by small speakers. The X-Boom has a bass enhance button but using it does not result in bloated excess bass...but rather makes it sound better with some punch at all volumes. It seems to be tied to the volume...more bass at low volumes, less so it does not distort at high volumes. I think most people will have the bass enhance on all the time, unless they have placed the X-Boom near a room corner or in little rooms like a bathroom where there would be too much bass.

2nd: The X-Boom seems to get about 50% louder (1/3 louder) than the X-Sound. It gets quite loud being less than an inch longer and a tiny bit taller (see my photo).

3rd: There is a huge difference in the sound "spread pattern"...that is, the X-Boom has 2 speakers on opposite sides (standing up). The X-Sound aims the sound right at you. This is good or bad depending on your preference and use. The X-Boom is great on the center of a table in the middle of a room because it sends out music in all directions. The X-Sound is nice on a bedside table where it aims right at you.

I think the X-Boom is a definite upgrade but it should be at the higher cost. Included are the instructions and a micro-usb charging cable. On the back is a water resistant flap that lets you access the micro-usb well as an AUX input plug to send sound from another source like an Echo.

Really excellent sound compared to the other speakers from Sony/UE/JBL I have used in this price range.
By Susan C. Smith September 1, 2018
| Verified Purchase
The only word that can describe this speaker appropriately is AMAZING and for this reason, I am on my way to purchasing another one right NOW!
By jay leonard September 3, 2018
| Verified Purchase
I just want to start of saying I usually don't write reviews, but I had to when I received my tribit x-boom, I was so impressed with the sound this speaker puts out for its size, remember this is a have kinda close to you , speaker, the base is the best for its size, better than the jbl flip, bose sound link and even Fugoo, I hope tribit makes a louder larger of this x-boom series , this speaker is very well made too, good work to the team at tribit, and hurry up and make a larger version of the x-boom
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